Adjusted 2018 Calendar For New/Returning Students. A Must Read

NOUN TMA Timetable with TMA Opening and Closing Date 2018

This is to bring to your notice that the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abdalla Uba Adamu has released New Guide and TMA Opening date / Closing date for the 2018 Tutor-marked Assignment exercise.

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Tutor Marked Assignment TimeTable Guidelines

The approved TMA timetable by the V.C is as follows;


TMA 1 (10 items)
Opening Date - 5th June, 2018
Closing Date - 26th June, 2018 (12:00 midnight)

TMA 2 (10 items)
Opening Date - 27th June, 2018
Closing Date - 18th July, 2018 (12:00 midnight)

TMA 3 (10 items)
Opening Date - 19th July, 2018
Closing Date - 14th August, 2018 (12:00 midnight)

The Management

New TMA Guidelines 2018

  1. Students can only read and do their TMAs. No printout this time.
  2. Only a TMA will be available to a student at a time following the TMA timelines provided. This means that no TMA is open-ended. You must do your TMA within that period or risk a zero mark for TMA.
  3. You must attempt TMA and exams to receive an end of semester grade for every course registered, this is a standard rule for the university.
  4. Ideally, a student should pass both TMA and exams to receive a pass mark for the course. Therefore, students should endeavor to do their TMA themselves as TMAs prepare students for their final examinations.
  5. A student is expected to study the course materials, do TMAs and assignments in the course materials before attempting the online TMAs. Therefore, one (1) question will pop up at a time for the student to attempt before the next question will pop-up. Where the student is not able to attempt, for example, question 1, he/she could click 'NEXT' to move to question 2 and so on.
  6. There are three TMAs per each course registered by a student, a student is expected to attempt all. Each TMA has 10 test items(1-10)

Preview TMA Timetable

NOUN TMA closing date and opening date 2018
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  1. This tip's are going to help agreat deal in my study as a noun student

  2. Best update all the time. Thanks for the effort

  3. Please notified all your students before closing of your registration as what happen last time, we finished our exams by April and new semester begins first week of may and by first week of June registration for exams closed, how managed now.


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