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How To Print Noun Student ID Card (NEW) or RePrint Lost NOUN Student Identity Card without Stress

The noun student Id card that we all waited for is finally here, even as it came towards the last minute of exam resumption.

No problem, it is better delayed than never said by a wise man.

This issue of student id card has an effect on my movement at the study centre because the id card that i have was that of 2017 which is no more acceptable by the school for student entrance into the campus.

And over the month i have been looking for a way to print a new id card but all to avail. So, seeing this notification of printing noun student identity card on the official NOUN New school website portal made my day.

That is why i want to show you how i printed my noun id card all in 2 minutes without stress.

It is not weird; you can do it.

To print new card or reprint noun student identity card won't take you a dime minute to do for yourself;  instead of spending some cash at that cyber cafe.

The Importance of Student ID Card

  • To identify if a student belongs to the study centre or not
  • For student security 
  • A permit to pass through the school gate, and lots more.

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Noun Student ID Card Printing Procedures

1. Go To the Nouonline portal website >

2. Click on "Student Login." Enter your student portal login information - Matric numberpassword and Click Submit

3. At the school portal student profile page, Click on Upload your photo (after Home and before Courses)

4. Click on Choose File to Select the photo (Student id card) for upload from your computer/smartphone.

Note: Photo name MUST be your matric number in the form nouxxxxxxxxx.jpg or nouxxxxxxxxx.png

5. Then Click the Submit button to upload the photo.

6. Now, Go back to the Nouonline portal student profile page. At the Portal Menu, Click on Registration

7. From Registration > click on Your ID Card in the drop-down menu.

8. In the next opened page, Click on Preview ID Card

9. Finally, Click on Print Card to have your student ID Card ready.

Remember to adjust the size of the ID Card in the printer settings before printing.
Now, Go print your ID Card and thank me later.

I hope this solves your problem of printing a National Open University of Nigeria ( NOUN ) Student Identity Card.

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