Adjusted 2018 Calendar For New/Returning Students. A Must Read - National Open University Student Login Portal Portal (formerly, the official national open university website, called the Noun Student Portal Login Page because all of the information at this Nounsite - are all for the Noun students ( New student and Noun returning student of 2018 Academic Sessions )
UPDATE: Be the first to check New NOUN Course Registration Fees - Updated a Few minutes ago!

The student portal replaced the Student Portal whereas the Student Login page was superseded by the New courseware download portal (best known as the knowledge base of National Open University of Nigeria)., not can also be referred to as the Noun Studware Platform

What You'll Learn In This Nouonline Guide (Click to Jump to Page)

    About the NOUN Studware 

    NOUN StudWare is a students' information system developed and supported by the Directorate of Management Information System of the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN. Portal Website Homepage Overview

    This is the homepage of  the Nouonline Portal website -

    And at a glance at the National open university website -, you'll see the below menu options:

    #1. Check RRR

    Check RRR Link button is used to Check Remita payment status. See screenshot below on how to check Remita payment status for verification of  Noun Fees Payment.

    #2. Student Login

    The Nouonline Portal Student Login button serves as a direct link to the NOUOnline Portal student registration and login portal page.

    #3. Staff Login

    The Staff Login button adheres strictly to Noun site admin and staff login dashboard

    #4. 2018/1 semester

    It contains national open university portal link to Noun study centres, Noun registered students and admitted undergraduate students, National open university admitted postgraduate students, exam registration, and Noun registered courses for Examination

    #5. Apply for Admission

    Apply for Admission link has noun online pages to list of noun programmes, List of Noun study centres, How to Apply for an undergraduate and postgraduate programme, and Check unique ID.

    #6. PhD Programmes

    PhD Programmes contains everything about postgraduate school, PhD application for admission, procedures and available PhD Programmes.

      Learn How Nouonline site Menus Works

      Check RRR is used to check Remita Payment status of your noun online fees payments. RRR stands for Remita Reference Retrieval Number.

      How To Check Noun Remita Payment Status

      1. At the national open university website >
      2. Click on Check RRR
      Noun remita reference Number check
      3. Enter RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference Number) and Choose Payment Category. 

      The Four (4) Payment Categories to choose from:

      • Undergraduate Application Form
      • Postgraduate Application Form
      • PhD Application Form
      • Wallet Funding

      How to Generate Remita Number

      4. Click Check to get started with checking the RRR Payment status

      Before making payment, Note these 7 Noun Payment Options: 

      • Visa
      • MasterCard
      • Verve
      • Remita
      • Internet Banking
      • Mobile Wallets
      • Bank Branches

      Student Login

      Student Login is the entry gateway to gain access to the Noun Student Portal Page dashboard which without this route you won't take activities at the Noun Edu Portal student information base.

      NOUN Online Resources - National Open University of Nigeria Student Login Procedures

      1. At the Nouonline Portal website homepage >
      2. Click on Student Login 
      noun student portal login
      3. In the Noun Student Login Portal, enter your Nou student Matric NumberNoun Portal Login Password and Click Submit 

      national open university of nigeria student portal
      That's it - you are now at the noun studware student profile page >

      In conclusion, Visit the discussed Page to Apply for Admission in the National open university and for a procedure to register as a returning student of Noun Nigeria.
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      13 Replies so far - Join Conversation

      1. Am supposed to have completed my Program 2016, till date I don't know the status of my graduation.
        All inquiries seems to hit a brick wall. Will appreciate help from anyone
        Name: Botu Michael Ebi Ogbodane
        Matric. No: NOU110102049
        Programme: B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
        Started Programme 2012.

        Will deeply appreciate any assistance.

      2. Am Adewunmi Adeshina Amos, with matric number:nou070241271;I was email that am one of the successful graduands,I had check severally I couldn't find my name's, please kindly send a link to check whether am one the successful graduands, because I had been an old student with gsm number:08060375883,thanks editorial Noun.

        1. Check at your study center

      3. Please i was doing my PGD programme in Mass Communication in 2011/12 session but stopped due to some other developments. i only did the 1st semester exam then and i do not know the status of my programme now, and i need to come back to complete it. I logged in with my matric number Nou110487638 and other details but did not see information on my academic records. Please help. Mebrim Uchechukwu

        1. Register as a Returning Student at the NOUN Student Portal and continue with your Course/Exam Registrations and other noun student Portal activities

      4. I just submitted my project in this month of August 2018, is it possible for my project to get captured and gradded in the next result yet to be released.

      5. Am Odubanjo Ibrahim Oluwatosin with matrix No.Nou134752356. I have completed my degree program since 2016 and my research project as being missing and also, really don't know the status of my Graduation. All effort hit dead end.

        I will really appreciate your help.
        Name Odubanjo Ibrahim .O.
        Programme: Business Education
        Matric No. Nou134752356


        1. We'll communicate with you based on that.

      6. pls i have been trying to print my admission letter but it has been bringing a wrong ID or admission pending message. what should i do?

        1. We are working to resolve the issue. Apology for the inconvenience it must have caused you.

      7. Anonymous14:07

        Please help me.Am supposed to have graduates since 2016, my IT and seminar results still missing pls help.mat no:nou131488573


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