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noun course registration fees, Exam Registration and Compulsory Fees

For Course Registration

  1. Every one or Two unit course costs N2,000
  2. Every Three unit course costs N2,500
  3. When you approach your final year, Projects and IT (which are six units each) now cost N6,000 (it was initially N15,000)

For Exam Registration

  1. Exam Registration for any course is N1000/course regardless of the units
  2. You do not need to register IT/SIWES, Seminars or Projects for exams, and you only register them under course registration.

For Compulsory Fees

  1. Compulsory fee for ANY semester is now N18,000 (unlike before when it was N23k and N13k)

Note this:
Most departments are required to register at least one Elective course per semester while some are required to register at least two elective courses per semester. 

In addition to the core courses listed in the outline (but they might list up to 3 to 4 elective courses in some cases, and it is your choice to select whichever suits you or all of them if you wish). Sometimes, you might not get any electives in the outline for a particular semester, but whenever you have them, you must select at least one of them (meaning one or more).

What your total school fee for a particular semester entail?
Your total school fee is made up of the following:

Compulsory fee + Total Course Registration fees + Total Exam Fee
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