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NOUN 2018 1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICOSS)

How To Pay NOUN School Fees 2018

This guide contains how to Pay Noun school fees, List of Banks to Pay Noun School Fees and their Account Numbers.

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How To Pay NOUN School Fees

After Submission of an Application form to the Nouonline.NET, follow these procedures to Pay Noun School fees.

Step 1 - Go to the Nouonline Portal website - www.nouonline.net

Step 2 -  Click “Student Login” on the homepage Menu options

Step 3 - In the provided space, Enter Noun Matric number and password to login

Step 4 - Goto “Manage Wallet” in your student account

Step 5 - Click “Load Wallet

Step 6 - Enter details - Student Name, email address, Phone number and Amount

Step 7 - Select Payment Type - BANK BRANCH in the drop-down menu options

Step 8 - Click “Pay” to generate RRR Code

Step 9 - Copy and take your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number to any bank branch for payment.

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  1. Superb!
    I'm not able to generate admission letter online, after applying for admission. Please help, what do I do?


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