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NOUN 2018 1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICOSS)

How To Obtain Noun Unique ID - National Open University Admission

This a guide on how to obtain Unique ID in the process of Applying for National Open University Admission and how to pay noun school fees.

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Procedures To Obtain NOUN Unique ID

1. Visit the Noun admission portal - www.nouonline.net
2. Click on Apply for Admission in the provided options
3. Select Undergraduate/Postgraduate/PhDProgramme
4. Select Faculty
5. Fill form(Note Select Programme of choice)
6. Click View Requirements
7. Click Apply
8. Copy and Note your Unique ID
9. Click Home (return to the website homepage - Nouonline.net)
9. Repeat steps 2 and 3
10. Click Continue After Payment
11. Fill Form, and
12. Click Proceed

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