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How To Apply For Admission into National Open University of Nigeria NOUN

Hi, Welcome to the National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN Portal Admission information and procedures for Applying.

So, Make sure not to skip any session on this Noun admission webpage because it all has many hidden Tips that no staff will reveal to you - personally.

Remember, This a complete guide to Application for Admission into the national open university of Nigeria (NOUN). It was made to walk you through the process of Noun Admission procedures, admission requirements, and the National Open University School fees.
Note: Noun Admission application form is N5,000 (Five thousand naira only)
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History of the National Open University of Nigeria

The National Open University of Nigeria is a strong institution. One among Nigeria’s foremost – and solely fundamental of open and distance learning at university level. It was established on the 22 July 1983 as a springboard for open and distance learning in Nigeria. It absolutely was then suspended by the govt. On 25th of April, 1984.

However, its rejuvenation began on the 12th of April 2001 by the former President of Nigeria - Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo.

It’s additionally the country’s biggest tertiary establishment once we speak of student numbers. In 2011, NOUN was about 57,759 students.

The National Open University of Nigeria operates from its body Headquarters situated in Abuja. Nigeria, they have study centers everywhere in the country. See nearby study centers.

    NOUN University Mission Statement

    • To give practical, cost-efficient, versatile learning that adds life-long price to quality education.
    • To be considered the foremost University providing extremely accessible and increased quality education anchored by social justice, equity and equality.
    • To extend the access of all Nigerians to formal and non-formal education in an exceedingly manner convenient to their circumstances.

    NOUN Key Points

    Gaining admission into the Noun school system is easy, transparent and based on merit. It doesn't require you the task of sitting for JAMB Examination exercise like other conventional universities in Nigeria.

    Currently, they provide over fifty programs and 750 courses, ranging from certificate to diploma and degree level, and stays as a powerful commitment to international standard.

    Why Go to the National Open University

    • Efficient Learning Platform
    • Affordable
    • Grants you the privilege to work & Learn

    Hear what students are saying...

    National Open University is the best. Admission is very easy. The first day I was at Noun that I went to make an inquiry on how to be a student, after some few minutes with the student counselor; I went to the bank to pay for the Noun form. When I came back to the study centre at the ICT all my details were filled and to my greatest surprise - I was offered an admission, after reading the letter I could not believe it, I had to ask a lady standing close to me to read the letter again for me and she also shows me hers. Studying at Noun is very Nice affordable and reliable. And today am a graduate of Noun. (Samerah Abdul - Data Management)

    Truly, the way NOUN is progressing, very soon the CONVENTIONAL UNIVERSITIES in Nigeria will be relegated to the background. (Abdulmumini Kimo - Faculty of Law)

    Who can apply for Admission into NOUN?

    • Interested candidates
    • Someone having a Complete 5 Credits in his/her SSCE. Not more than two sittings. 
    • Even if you're up to 40 years and above, COME!

    How to Apply for Admission into National Open University of Nigeria

    1. Visit the Noun official website >>  www.nouonline.net
    2. On the Site Home Page, go to the Menu Bar, Click on Apply for Admission
    3. Select either Undergraduate Programme or Postgraduate Programme. Other programme is not available at the moment
    4. Goto “Choose Faculty” (note it can be found at the left-hand side of the screen)
    5. Select Faculty
    6. Select programme of study in form, click below to view admission criteria
    7. Fill displayed form
    8. Click “Apply” to proceed.
    9. Take note of the UNIQUE ID displayed
    10. Click 'Submit query' button
    11. Select Bank Branch as payment type. See Noun Participating Banks for Fees Payment 
    12. Click “Pay
    13. Copy and take your RRR number to any bank branch for payment. Learn more about RRR Number

    After Admission Form Fee Payment

    1. Perform step 1 to 3
    2. Goto “Continue After Payment
    3. Input Unique ID, RRR number and Programme
    4. Click “Proceed
    5. Fill Form. Note: all fields marked with a red star are compulsory.

    After Filling Online Admission Form

    1. Click “Submit”
    2. Print Admission Letter
    3. Visit the nearest study centre for screening. 
    For more information, Visit Noun Forum for your queries and hookup with coursemates.

    For the Noun New Student

    Continuing with your acceptance of Provisional Admission requires you to have done the following:
    1. Screened at the study centre
    2. Obtain Clearance Code
    3. Sign up on this portal with the clearance code to obtain Matriculation Number
    4. Paid for NOUN registration fees at any participating bank and obtain a receipt containing your Registration Transaction ID
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    1. After the continue after payment, the site keeps telling me to generate a new unique 2018/1 id because the old knew is expired how do I go about it

      1. When did you apply for admission?

    2. am having the same issues too kindly help. just applied today 10/5/18

    3. Please I was unable to print my Postgraduate application form. And when I try to enter my RRR & Unique ID it said "Wrong Unique ID or Admission still Pending". What do I do please.

      1. Get a new unique ID. I shared a Link to get a Unique ID up there!

    4. Mike06:39

      When will admission commence for this year

    5. Please I already registered and collected my admission letter I want to kindly ask if it is still possible to change course


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