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How To Generate RRR Number For Admission Processing and NOUN School Fees Payment

Generate Remita Retrieval Reference Number - RRR Number for short.
It is so easy that you can generate Noun Remita code for university admission form purchase and school fees payment rrr code without help anywhere.

The Noun Remita retrieval reference number generation tutorials that are out there doesn't worth a check...
And i wouldn't have known if not that i searched for " How To Generate RRR Number for Noun fees payment" leaving the term Remita retrieval reference (RRR) behind.

That's too bad, I just have to say it...
This remita number and/ or rrr code is what we used most often at the universities for Noun fees payment and Noun admission processing.


All through this page, you'll be learning the fastest and quickest way to generate remita retrieval reference (RRR) Code for Noun fee Payments at a click.

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About Remita in National Open University

Remita is an e-Payments and e-Collections solution on a single multi-bank platform. It's in use by many individuals, public and private sector organisations that process over 500 Billion Naira worth of transactions on a monthly basis (source).

What Can Remita do for you?

  1. Make Payments from All Your Accounts in All Banks on a single platform
  2. Receive Funds through Debit/Credit Cards, Branches of all Banks Nationwide, etc
  3. Automate your Payroll and deliver Payslips to all Staff

Who Can Use Remita?

  1. Individuals to manage their personal finances
  2. Public and private sector organisations of any size, structure and complexity.

Awesome ways to use Remita

  • Setup recurring payments
  • Pay pensions and submit schedules to PFAs
  • Pay a Federal Government Agency
  • Pay Vendors and suppliers
  • Pay Family, Friends and others

How To Generate NOUN Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number for Fees Payment

1. Visit the national open university website =>
noun remita retrieval reference number rrr

2. Click on Student Login for access to noun student portal
how to generate noun rrr number for fees

3. Enter your student login details and Click submit
noun remita number rrr code
4. At the studware student information area, Click on Manage Wallet
Click on Manage Wallet to generate remita retrieval reference number.png

5. Choose Load wallet at the drop-down menu option
noun rrr code

6. Fill-out the wallet Account funding form
generate remita number code

Here am assuming you selected the Bank branch payment option, not Bank internet nor MasterCard
7. Click Pay to Generate your Noun Remita Retrieval Reference Code
pay noun fees after rrr number code generation

8. Copy the Generated remita code to any Noun participating bank to make your payment

Points to Note

The Remita Retrieval Reference code is a 12 digit numbers i.e 1001 3004 6804
The RRR generated code doesn't expire except a payment has been made.
You'll get a message sent to your mailbox ones the rrr code is generated

See what to do After Generating Remita RRR Code

  1. Apply for Admission
  2. Pay your School Fees
  3. Create a student account. Visit Noun student portal Page to get started
  4. Upload Passport to your student account dashboard
  5. Print Noun Student ID Card
  6. Register Courses and Exam
  7. Download National Open University Academic Calendar
  8. Answer and Submit NOUN Tutor-marked Assignments
  9. Test your readiness with this Free NOUN e-Exam
  10. Check National Open University Examination Timetable Updates
  11. Check NOUN Examination Result, and
  12. Calculate Result GP - GPA
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