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Download NOUN e-Exam Timetable 2018 | National Open University of Nigeria exams Portal

The National Open University Of Nigeria has released her Final draft 2018 NOUN e-Exam timetable.  Exactly four days after the release of the 2nd draft Noun e-exam timetable.

This released exam timetable has corrected all errors found at the 2nd draft Noun e-exam timetable and Noun 3rd draft e-Exam timetable.

    All effort has been made to put together this noun e-exam time table, so as you can find exact examination date, location and time.

    According to this final draft e-Exam timetable, The noun e - examination is scheduled to start on the 30th July 2018.

    Download 2018 Final NOUN E - Exam Timetable

    Download Final e-Exam Timetable for July/ August 2018 Examinations - Updated 21st July 2018.

    Download NOUN 2018 e-Exam Timetable 2nd Draft

    Download Newly Released Second draft e-exam timetable - Updated 15th July 2018

    Download NOUN e-Exam Time Table First Draft

    Click here to download the first draft exam time table. It has the title "2018_1 E-Examination Timetable"

    Points To Note About Noun e-Exam Time Table

    • The timetable is in Microsoft Excel file type. you can learn more about the excel file here.
    • It only works on PC/ Computer that has the Excel Program installed or a Smartphone having a document Viewer Application. One good example is this one.
    • Old course codes are not captured on the timetable, students who registered for courses whose codes have been changed should check for their new code and title on the timetable (i.e codes in which TMAs are taken). See 96 Changes in Noun Course Codes and Titles
    • Also note that NO TMA, NO Exams; for courses not captured on the final timetable.
    • All reactions to this final draft e-Exam timetable should be forwarded to the appropriate unit

    How To Easily Find Course Exam Date and Time

    This step will help you to quickly locate your exam days and time because this e-exam timetable is a long bunch of text, rows, and columns.

    Now, to locate your e-exam date with time;
    1. Open the exam timetable file in your computer 
    2. Click on Edit > Find and Replace
    Noun e-exam timetable 2017
    3. Enter your course code and click Find
    noun e exam time table search
    That's how it works, very easier way to locate your noun e exam timetable date and time.

    NOUN e-Exam Preparation Materials

    After Exam Resources

    If you have any issue while downloading this Final Draft e-Exam timetable. Feel free to let us know via Admin(at)

    One more time, All of us at Wishes You Success In Your Exams. 
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