NOUN Student Portal Registration Procedures for New & Returning Student 2018

Issues about logging into the noun student portal  page trends last three months, keeping both New and returning student of the  national o...

How To Communicate Directly With The NOUN School Management

There are two New Development on the portal,
1. You can view changes in courses and
2. You can communicate directly with the school management through an icon on the portal. Called "Report an Issue" icon.

How To Communicate Directly with the School Management 

1. Log in to your noun student portal > www.nouonline.net
2. Scroll down to the footer area of the webpage
3. Click on Report an issue,
Report an Issues national open university of nigeria www.nouononline.com nouonline.com.png

4. Write your complains or whatever issues you have,
2 Report an Issues complaints Noun university of nigeria portal -www.nouonline.net-2018-01-06-00-50-52-018.png

5. Input your phone number and submit.

Ps: What's your take on the new development. Is it helpful or not? Share your view in the comment area. 

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  1. Please i want print admission later but it show me an invalid username or expired unique id. How do i generat a new 2018/1 unique ID? Thank you


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