NOUN Student Portal Registration Procedures for New & Returning Student 2018

Issues about logging into the noun student portal  page trends last three months, keeping both New and returning student of the  national o...

When is Noun Form Closing Date - Application and Admission form

In the time of this writing, NOUN Form Closing date has not been made known to the public.  But recently, Noun stated the commencement date of 2017_2 Examinations to hold between January and match 2018.

POP Examination: 23rd January, 2018 - 13th February, 2018
E-Examination: 20th February, 2018 - 16th March, 2018

So, based on experience I've got studying with Noun, the sales of Noun form will likely be closing a month before the examination resumption. 

My Advice to you

Go and grab the Noun form, get screened at your study centre and maybe stay a while before registering your noun courses ( if money is the problem).


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