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24 Tips About Distance Learning in the National Open University of Nigeria

Learning at a distance - National Open University of Nigeria
Studying at NOUN gives you the unique opportunity to study and obtain job/career-enhancing degree and certificates at your own pace.

It is, however, important for you to note this method of learning requires new approaches to studying in NOUN Nigeria
  1. It will require more self –discipline and responsibility you as you will study at your own pace.
  2. Excellent time management skill will be needed to keep up with the pace of work.
  3. Study every day because it enables you to spread your work out over a period of time than to attempt to cover too much within a short space time.
  4. Set realistic goals for daily studies and keep to them.
  5. Develop a weekly study plan. Review your work at the end of each week and modify your plan accordingly.
  6. Use a calendar/diary to plan as much as possible.

Hints On How To Study Your Courses

  1. Be focused on your academic pursuit.
  2. Carry out all activities recommended.
  3. Form self –help study groups with other known NOUN students within your locality, as this will help spur you on to achieve your goals.

NOUN Examination tips

  1. Prepared in good time (at least 3 weeks ahead of exam date).
  2. Revise your notes and review what you read with your study group.
  3. Revise past examination question.
  4. Cross check and confirm examination time table and venue in advance.

Tips To Writing Examinations, Assignments and Project Reports in NOUN

  1. Research and gather information before writing out in full.
  2. Organise your information and make notes.
  3. Remember to number your pages.
  4. Make outline and draft of your proposed essay/write –up.
  5. Revise and finalise your work.

NOUN References Guideline

  1. Always acknowledge your references in your essay/write –up.
  2. Beware of copyright issues which can also be legal issues.
  3. Be creative, but when you do need to copy verbatim you must acknowledge your sources of information

NOUN Tutorials

  1. You will have the opportunity to attend tutorials at your study Centre.
  2. Attendance at tutorials is, however, optional.
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