NOUN Student Portal Registration Procedures for New & Returning Student 2018

Issues about logging into the noun student portal  page trends last three months, keeping both New and returning student of the  national o...

Reason Why NOUN Result CGPA Dropped

You're curious about why Noun Result CGPA dropped?
Now, hear this; In the first night when the result was released, The school management used your Total Credit earned (TCE) divided by your TOTAL GRADE POINT EARNED (TGPE).

Upon review:
The school management resolved to use your Total credit carried (TCC) divided by your Total grade points earned (TGPE).


What you have on your Noun portal now is your actual CGPA.
If you don't experience changes in your CGPA, it means your TCC is equal to your TCE. ( Implies no carry over)

Every noun student should cross-check theirs and compute it. They will see how the changes are being made

Thank you.

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