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NOUN Result Grading System and Examination Calculations 2017/2018

This a simple method to Noun result grading with summary and Interpretation of Noun examination result 2017

NOUN Result Terms

1. Total Credit Carried

This means the total number of credit units of courses that you have written so far till date (both the ones the students passed and the ones he/she failed if any). It is the total unit of all attempted exams so far.

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2. Total Credits Earned

This is the total number of credit units of courses that a student passed so far. It doesn't count the ones he/she failed here. A unit you earn is a unit that you didn't fail. A unit failed is a unit lost and such student has to rewrite such failed course and pass it to be able to earn it. To graduate from the school, a student must earn a certain number of credit units in total (depending on the department and also on whether the student entered through direct entry to 200level or through normal 100level). Usually, the minimum requirement is 120 credit units for normal entry students and 90 units for direct entry students.

3. Total Grade Point Earned

This is the total grade points calculated by multiplying the unit of each course by the point of the grade you scored in them.

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NOUN Result Grading

Note that if you score A in any course, the point is 5
if you score B in any course, the point is 4
if you score C in any course, the point is 3
if you score D in any course, the point is 2
if you score E in any course, the point is 1
if you score F on any course, the point is 0

How To Calculate NOUN Result

Multiply the points by the unit of each course to get the grade point for a particular course. 

if you score A in a 3 unit course, it means 3x5=15. 
If you score B in a 2 unit course, it means 2x4=8. 
If you score F in a 3 unit course, it means 3x0=0. 
If you score A in a zero unit course, it means 0x5=0. And so on.

NOUN Examination Result Sample

Here's a sample result (course code, unit of the course and the score):

CIT101 (2units) A
MTH103 (3units) B
PHY101 (2units) D
MTH101 (3units) F
GST101 (0units) A

Total credits carried = 10
Total credits earned = 7
Total grade point earned = (2x5 + 3x4 + 2x2 + 3x0 + 0x5) = (10 + 12 + 4 + 0 + 0) = 26

4. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

This is the total grade points earned divided by the total number of credits carried. In the above example, for instance, CGPA for such candidate will be calculated as 26/10=2.60

CGPA Definitions

First Class (4.5 to 5.0)
Second Class upper (3.5 to 4.49)
Second Class lower (2.4 to 3.49)
Third Class (1.5 to 2.39)
N/B: In conventional universities, anyone that has below 1.5 CGPA is advised to withdraw.

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