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NOUN TMA Timetable with TMA Opening and Closing Date 2018

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INSTRUCTION: Answer question one and any other three questions

1. Using suitable diagram, draw the Architectural design of an 8085 Microprocessor, indicating at least ten of its components and five of its features.

The salient features of 8085 microprocessor are listed below.
• It is 8-bit microprocessor.
• It is manufactured with N-MOS technology.
• It has 16-bit address bus and hence can address up to 216 = 65536 bytes (64KB) memory locations through A0-A15
• The first eight lines of address bus and eight lines of data bus are multiplexed AD0– AD7
• Data bus is a group of eight lines D0– D7
• It supports external interrupt request.
• A 16-bit program counters (PC)
• A 16-bit stack pointer (SP)
• Six 8-bit general purpose register arranged in pairs: BC, DE, HL.
• It requires a signal +5V power supply and operates at 3.2 MHZ single phase clock.
• It is enclosed with 40 pins DIP (Dual in line package). `

3. What is Microcomputer Networking? Outline and discuss any five of its various types.
A computer network consists of several computers that are connected to one another using devices that allow them to communicate.

Its types include
1. Personal Area Networks:-The personal area network, commonly known as a PAN, refers to an individual computer's network of peripherals. Devices that are in immediate access to your computer, such as a printer or IP telephone, are commonly said to exist within a PAN.

2. Local Area Networks:-The local area network (LAN) is designed for working in a small regional space. An example of a LAN is a home with two or more computers connected to a single router. These computers share network resources and can communicate with one another through the connecting device. Wireless access points are an example of a LAN connector, as are hubs and switches. LANs are ideal for fast transfer of data, as the short distance enables above-average data rates.

3. Campus Area Networks:-The campus area network (CAN) is similar to a local area network; however, it contains a great deal more router complexity in order to link buildings and establish different network classifications. A university might deploy a CAN by having an administrative network with access tovimportant records, such as grades and bills, linked across 20 buildings. It could then establish a second class of network over the same 20 buildings for students, requiring different log in policies while disabling access machines containing sensitive information.

4. Metropolitan Area Networks:- A metropolitan area networks, also known as a MAN, links a much larger geographical region than a CAN, LAN or PAM. These networks typically span the entirety of a city and are commonly used by public utilities companies and state services to maintain a private network that covers all regional boundaries.

5. Wide Area Networks:-The wide area network (WAN) is the type of network most users are intimately familiar with. These large networks require complex forwarding and addressing schemes because they must transmit data across wide geographic regions. The most famous WAN is the Internet, requiring vast numbers of routers and switches to forward data based upon Internet Protocol addresses. While these networks are of great benefit to wide-reaching communications, they are typically not as reliable or as fast as smaller networks.

6. (a) What is an Assembly Language. Outlining four of its benefits.

Assembly Language:- is a programming language that is very similar to machine language, but uses symbols instead of binary numbers. it contains a short word or "mnemonic"

Assembly language has several benefits, which are:
Speed: Assembly language programs are generally the fastest programs around.
Space: Assembly language programs are often the smallest.
Capability: You can do things in assembly, which are difficult or impossible in high-level languages.
Knowledge: Your knowledge of assembly language will help you write better programs
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