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How To Start A Blog and Make Money without Quitting Your Day Job

Starting a blog is easier than its maintenance. 

Gone are the days you start a blog in Nigeria and become a blog superstar in 3 months. What you should realize that blogging world isn’t all that shiny. You must walk your way through the journey.. and Bytheway,  I didn't mean to scare you but that doesn't mean blogging is easier than studying in college or starting a business in Nigeria.

You see,

There are thousand impressive income streams to make good money as a blogger but that works effectively for the Able men. What do I mean by Able as if you were not?

I'll go much detail to this later in the guide.

Moreover, you should be mindful that you can't make a unique amount of money from your blog without knowing the right ways to blogging.. you'd be lucky if it happened automatically.

Here's the thing;

This article is not only for the Newbie bloggers but also to intermediaries in the blogging world who are struggling to make a living through the blogosphere. And I made it for free because I want you to succeed being a blogger and be happy in Life.

Although, you might have come across some of the tips that am about to share below... I'm so sure that you haven't seen all.

So without much ado. . . let me teach you what you ought to know about creating a successful blog.

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How To Start A Blog and Make Money Blogging without Quitting Your Day Job (7 Tips Shared)

1. Don’t Spend all the Money on your First Blog

Good that your blog is now live in the blogosphere. , yes we know how you're very excited and you saved all your money for this day only, but hey! spend your money wisely!

I see many new bloggers buying premium tools - software and plugins like the LongTailPro for keyword research. I'll suggest you using Google AdWords instead. It’s free and funny enough, The LongTailPro software collects data from Google AdWords!

Why spending money you never make?

But once you've become so competent in blogging and must have been earning a good sum of money, investing in such software could be very beneficial. I'm not against Pro items but to you that has just started ... Stay far from them for now.

2. Always Create a Backup

I give kudos to WordPress for allowing extensions which help to increase its functionality. There's a lot of Plugins which you can use to backup your blog data either to cloud storage or to your desired soft copy.
I hope that day never come but you never know! It might be anything that could make you lose all your data on your blog. Hackers attack, error while running an SQL query, it might be anything.

Having a backup will save you as the bloggers from a lot of headaches and don’t have to keep worrying about the possibilities of losing your data, time and efforts.

3. Don’t Ignore the Updates Released by WordPress

Day by day WordPress has been so nice. They are working to improve its services and to make it a better Content management system (CMS) Software for users.

We all see WordPress update now and then and make sure that we clicked the update option. One reason to always update WordPress is that WordPress releases patch each time, There might be security holes which WP just fixed. Not updating your WP blog makes you an easy prey for the hackers.

4. Carefully Select the Theme of your Blog

What we call Free is actually not Free. Stay Safe. There are many premium and free themes out there, premium themes are available at affordable rates too.

In case you want better customization and make your blog completely safe from Malware and intruders, my contact form is open for you.

There are many black hat users who distribute nudes premium themes for free in exchange to gain access to your WordPress site. so, don’t ever consider getting premium items from bad sources, it results could be disastrous. Themeshop to get a good Themes for your Blog are studiopress, Themeforest, and Thesis Themes.

Note: I can provide you a complete Blog Design and customization to your taste from scratch without you dirtying your hands with code. Let's talk now

5. Add SEO Plugin

SEO has changed Over the years. Gone are the days that all is required for blog search engine ranking lies on Meta tags and header keywords.

Meta Tags alone can't fetch you good results, so look for SEO WP Plugin to Support your Blog. There are several plugins for SEO in WordPress repository dashboard. All you have to do is search and install.

The most famous and widely used is SEO by Yoast. There are many others like for example All In One SEO is also good and that's what I'm using on my blogs.

Choose any one of your choices and install it so you can get better rankings and your content becomes “likable” by Google and other search engines.

6. Keep a Track of Comments

As soon as you start getting traffic, you will also get comments and there will genuine and spam comments flowing in. Keeping a track of them is very important.

One of the most common tips I will give concerning keeping track of comments is to install Akismet so you can avoid Spam comments and easily approve the original and genuine comments.

N/B: Keep a check, I'll provide you with the Steps for Setting up Akismet WordPress Plugin in my next article.

7. Don't Forget CONTENT Is The King and Backlink The QUEEN

What if you have finally designed an awesome blog, have added all social sharing links and profiles, No loopholes in your blog and you also have started generating traffic from shared Post on Social media, what then? Content!

This the truth;

It is only when you have created good content that your audience will stick to your blog and read them or bookmark it for coming back to your blog as he/she finds it useful!

Never underestimate the power of the good content! Work on other people life Through Blog Commenting. For what you make happen to Others, God will make happen for you. share their Contents As well as they'll do the same in return.

So far, we have been talking and talking. I think is a time you put it into practice.  It is not about how much you've read that matters but how much of that has been put into consideration and work on them.

I only listed the most important ones. Hang around to get more of my blogger tips and tutorials.

And in-case you have not signed up on our mailing list, you should do so for it saves you a huge stress and makes it easier for you to get our Blogging Tips to building a successful blog right to your mailbox at no cost.

One more thing;

If you have anything more in mind other than the above mentions., Please feel free to talk to me through the comment box! and I will respond to you as quick as possible.
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  1. Hi John,
    Awesome content indeed.
    Just look at my blog's sidebar, you are featured there as a top commentator.
    BTW coming to the post.
    What a sensible tips you have shared.
    I really liked your #1 tip as there is a chance to loss money for newbie bloggers.
    All the rest are equally superb.

  2. Hohaa :( you know what you've did now? you just made me to smile . . And that has been my greatest goal as a Blogger.
    Thanks again for returning the good deeds. . am so glad to meet you Rahul
    Hope to See you next time because you wouldn't like to miss any of my next blog update. Cheer!

  3. Hi John,

    Hope you're doing superb :)

    This is the first time on your blog and i really found it amazing. You've a great look and feel and good articles.

    Coming to this post, i agree to you that we should not spend all the budget into a single blog and always should create a backup for everything. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

    Ashutosh Jha

  4. Hi John

    A very lovely post written in a very lighter mood to let readers enjoy and learn both. This is called conveying your message without letting the listeners how you are communicating your intended message.

    Content is king and back link is queen. This is the biggest reality to do successful blogging. Simply writing contents won't bring good results. One needs to follow a strategy to get more and more back links.

    Investing in blog is must but after calculating the likely rate of return from it. Blind investment can never serve the purpose of blogging success.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this nice post.

  5. Yea, you're right Ashu
    Spending all your money on a first blog leads to frustration man, probably quit Blogging . . Good that you noticed it.
    I'm very much happy for a Techie like you to visit a no Name Man site , not only that but to leave a remarkable comment.
    i really appreciates your time spend going through my articles #muchlove bro. And have a good week ahead

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    Firstly, i Welcome you to techCanic. a Setup Arena for Entrepreneurs to interact and Share vital ideas at no cost.
    i mean I'm so glad that you liked my post and also leaving us a Follow-up Comment even at a first glance. . Thank you for reading .

    How i wish you could do a little share of this post via Social medias. . Many will benefit from it, i think
    Writing great content worth reading requires a wild knowledge of a particular Topic/niche and time factor.. for you can't Develop writing skills overnight , it grows little by little

    Well, let me say this quickly. you're one of the people I've wished to be like in the world of blogosphere for a slightly Reason " Impacting Information in the Life of NetPreneurs and the World at Large " . Keep on doing the good Jobs for one-day you shall Reap your good fruits. .

    Truly i have learn't a lot through your Comment, hopefully it'll aid me to improve more and more .
    Thanks again Sir.
    Bye for now

  7. nikhil gupta09:36

    all the thing that you mention here are amazing
    and thanks you to share your knowedge here

  8. Hehe , you blow ma mind this afternoon John .

    All the hints are unique and awesome. But I still love the last tip #Great Content because is the man in the game .

    I'm so happy that I found your blog . . will be back to checkout more of your articles .
    See ya

  9. Firstly, i welcome you to TechCanic where mind-blowing secrets are leaked for free :(
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    i valued your precious time spent writing this comment :(

    until we meet again, Cheer!

  10. Wonderful,
    just hope you'll come back as you said and Then I'll give you what I've prepared for you, yes you!
    see you soon, WP

  11. Ankit Gupta09:18

    Yes Ashutosh, I also adopted due to these reasons and today I am Happy by my choice. I Ma happy to choose blogging and started my blog. You have enlighten those words again for me thanks a lot

  12. Hi John,

    Awesome written up indeed,

    This is my first time on your blog and it's a great place to make technology interesting, recently I found your great post on Rahul's blog, this was a nice tutorial.

    I must say you are doing a great job, your writing style is simple and sweet.

    To become a successful blogger we must take care some things that you mentioned above.

    Many bloggers becomes forceful to do something for their blog e.g not taking care of blog design or not choosing correct blog design.

    We must have a attractive blog design in order to attract more peoples towards our blog and it's a investment to become a successful blogger, Am I Right? :)

    John, your blog design is very simple and professional looking.

    Thank you john for sharing such a great article, I would like to come again on your blog to stay updated with latest blogging tips.

    So looking forward for more great articles like this on Techcanic.


  13. charan07:32

    Perfect post for the new bloggers and straight forward points.. start blogging with no money for first time bloggers is essential blogging is a huge have some knowledge how blogging works... 90% of new bloggers quit because of lack of knowledge.. S.E.O is one of the imp and its a occean while doing blogging.. john explained clearly with basics appreciated for your time and sharing valuable points to the beginners...

  14. yeah, Mahadev
    Your comment shows you read the post up to down.

    I'm glad to see you go with happiness. And trustme, I'm here to serve you better!

    So keep coming

  15. i must tell you this - Charan. Is really hard to blog with no $$ mostly when all your hope was to make few dollars after few days of blogging except there's huge passion for it .

    Truly, many newbies quit blogging after months for some reasons which you listed above.

    And I know for sure that you'll be ready to help a new blogger if at all they do exist on planet earth :(

    your type is what we need on blogosphere - Cheer!

  16. Hi John, thanks for your complete guideline. Really just amazing content. This is my first time on your bldgsdgdfog. I was checking your Facebook Activities as well i am one of your Friend there and i got your Blog and just visited and this article first attract me to read :D AS well i am newbie. This is really helpful content for me.
    And Your Blog design is really good, simple and user friendly. To be honest, by reading your this article, i become your one of loyal reader :)

  17. Good to have you on my blog . . Cheer!

  18. Ishwor Giri14:01

    That was Awesome Post for new Users on Blogsphere. Hope This will Help Me a Lot. And What about Blogger Starter

  19. Ankit Gupta11:17

    That is awesome, you have great knowledge over blogs. Thanks a lot I am bookmarking it to read the other posts too.


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