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NOUN TMA Timetable with TMA Opening and Closing Date 2018

270+ Past Questions Added. Download for FREE

How To Download All NOUN Past Questions in 12 Minutes

This has been the unanswered question regularly asked by Noun students whose wanting to know how he/she will get the Noun Past Questions; since it's not been sold in the market as like other universities in Nigeria.

Honestly, It is always good to have the Noun exam past questions at hand as early as possible; to get you ready and also to prepare better for the Upcoming Noun Examinations.

And that doesn't mean that you should rely on the noun ilearn past questions (alone) because it fails at most times.

Let's say; you're the type that relies solely on past question papers in preparation for Exams and you walked into the Examination Hall to meet a whole entirely different question not been found on the Noun past questions that you read for the Exam - Huh!

It won't be funny, am sure.
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In other to avoid such issues in the case of National Open University of Nigeria Examinations; Get upto 4 to 5 Past Exam questions on your each of your Noun Courses registered for Examination. And if you're able to Solve and Study those pasts questions thoroughly; your chance of passing the Exam is very high no matter what comes at the end.

They have been a lot of internet scammers asking students for a fee before they can get a copy of past exam questions; You shouldn't listen to them for any reasons

So you don't need to get worried about this, to Download Noun Exam Past questions is quite simple and easy!

Here is a route to follow,

How To Download NOUN Past Questions

1. Log-on to the Noun Ilearn Portal by visiting this website => http://ilearn.nou.edu.ng  using your Noun User Login info on the provided space ( Matric No and Password)

Cool, you're now at the Portal Dashboard Area


2. The dashboard is quite confusing to First-time users, but just at the left-hand side of the website; Locate the area which helps you to Create your Profile before logging-in as a new user

Create your Profile Before Logging in to the Noun Ilearn

Next takes you to the Page to verify your student information by typing in your Noun Matric No.

Verify Noun Student Information

3. Input your Noun Matriculation Number and Click "Next" Button

Note: This method of Verifying Student information is mainly for the New Users of NOUN iLearn; here is a message you'll get if you've already created your Noun iLearn profile before

Noun Matric No already Profiled

Before we move on, check-out

The List of Courses with Past Questions on NOUN iLEARN

School of Science and Technology (SST)

1. DAM301
2. DAM344
3. DAM361
4. DAM364
5. DAM401
6. DAM461
7. DAM463
8. ESM 304
9. ESM 308
10. ESM 317
11. ESM 324
12. ESM 341
13. ESM 343
14. ESM 345
15. ESM 392
16. ESM 403
17. ESM 405
18. ESM 407
19. ESM 411
20. ESM 423
21. ESM 424
22. ESM 426
23. ESM 428
24. ESM 431
25. ESM 444
26. MTH 301
27. MTH 302
28. MTH 303
29. MTH 305
30. MTH 307
31. MTH 308
32. MTH 312
33. MTH 315
34. MTH 381
35. MTH 382
36. MTH 402
37. MTH411
38. MTH412
39. MTH417
40. MTH 421
41. MTH422
42. MTH423
43. NSS 301
44. NSS 302
45. NSS 303
46. NSS 305
47. NSS 306
48. NSS 311
49. NSS 312
50. NSS 316
51. NSS 320
52. NSS 321
53. NSS 322
54. NSS 323
55. NSS 324
56. NSS 325
57. NSS 327
58. NSS 401
59. NSS 407
60. NSS 409
61. NSS 410
62. NSS 411
63. NSS 412
64. SOS301

School of Law (SoL)

1. LAW411
2. LAW412
3. LAW424
4. LAW433
5. LAW434
6. LAW435
7. LAW442
8. LAW443
9. LAW444
10. LAW446
11. LAW511
12. LAW512

School of Management Science (SMS)

1. BHM302
2. BHM303
3. BHM304
4. BHM401
5. BHM711
6. BHM712
7. BHM713
8. BHM724
9. BHM743
10. BHM744
11. BHM749
12. BHM750
13. BHM755
14. BHM757
15. BHM761
16. BHM762
17. BHM768
18. BHM780
19. COP311
20. COP312
21. COP315
22. COP317
23. COP411
24. COP412
25. COP413
26. COP414
27. COP416
28. ENT321
29. ENT323
30. ENT325
31. ENT326
32. ENT329
33. ENT351
34. ENT415
35. ENT417
36. ENT420
37. ENT421
38. ENT424
39. ENT431
40. HCM313
41. HCM333
42. HCM343
43. MBA801
44. MBA803
45. MBA804
46. MBA805
47. MBA806
48. MBA815
49. MBA816
50. MBA818
51. MBA820
52. MBA822
53. MBA825
54. MBA831
55. MBA833
56. MBA839
57. MBA840
58. MBA841
59. MBA852
60. MBA858
61. MBA883
62. MBA891
63. MBF833
64. MBF841
65. MBF844
66. MBF848
67. MKT824
68. MKT825
69. MPA809
70. MPA823
71. MPA841
72. MPA855
73. MPA868
74. MPA870
75. MPA871
76. TSM305
77. TSM341
78. TSM342
79. TSM347
80. TSM348
81. TSM349
82. TSM403

How To Locate And Download NOUN Examination Past Questions from the NOUNiLearn Platform

1. Log-on to the NOUN iLearn website => ilearn.nou.edu.ng

2. Enter your Noun User Login details in the provided space - Username and password.

National Open University of Nigeria Login

You have then been taking to the NOUN iLearn Dashboard for Student

3. Click on My Courses ( that's - Your Registered Courses for examination )

My Courses on the NOUNILEARN Portal when downloading Noun Past Questions

It then displays for you, All Currently and Previously Registered Courses

4. Go to the Currently Registered Courses and Click on the Course you want to download its Past questions

NOUNILEARN Currently Registered Student Courses to download Past questions

You should get a similar message like this - Welcome to CIT411: Microcomputers and Microprocessors 

5. Now, From the Course Content Menu; Select ' Past Questions'

NOUNILEARN Discussion Topics and Course Contents of Past Questions


You're now ready to download your Past Exam Questions

6. Click on the 'Download' icons to Download the Past Exam Question Papers into your Computer or any smartphone device that can read/ Edit a PDF File.
Download Noun Past Questions from NOUNILEARN

Go here, to Learn More about Using A PDF Document

Next, Opens up an online PDF Viewer

7. Click on this second icon at the left angle To Download the Past Question

CIT411_2012_1.pdf download option

Or Click the third icon To Print-out the Noun past question on a hardcopy

CIT411_2012_1.pdf Past Question Printing option

Also, Take the practice test and unit quizzes on NOUN iLEARN to prepare successfully for your exams.

That's it, and You've made it until end - Happy preparation for your Exams

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