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NOUN TMA Timetable with TMA Opening and Closing Date 2018

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How To Check NOUN Result & Calculate GPA with CGPA Calculator Online Checker

2018 Noun exam result is out. So you can Login to Check result and Calculate GP, GPA, and CGPA  - if you haven't at the Noun New Portal website result checking page. 

Below i listed best methods to Check Noun Examination result, Calculate Noun TMA Score and Noun grading system because...

...I'm happy today, i don't know about you. Could it be because of this Noun exam grade? maybe...

You see,

When you've worked so smart to solve and submit Noun TMA Questions with good grades, Conquered Noun Examination and Came out with excellent result. . . Which is the dream goal of every Noun Student,

To Check Noun Result ( Examination and TMA Result) will surely hit your mind; if not for a moment but at least twice in a week. It isn't bad at all - it is just normal.

That's what i usually prayed for; Ooh no; Did I just mention the word - Prayer?

Sorry, Exam Success doesn't come true just by praying alone; Though it's a part of it because you'll need to pray for knowledge and understanding to which without, your hourly spend studying will be a waste of time.

The Most Part of Exam Success in the Open University is Preparation (Source)

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So here we go,

How To Check NOUN Portal Exam Results For 2018 and Calculate GPA - CGPA

1. Log-on to the National open University of Nigeria Portal => http://nouonline.net

2. From the Nouonline student portal logged-in page,  click on "Courses"

Noun Exam Result student portal
3. Then, Choose "My Results" from the drop down options.  That's Courses > Your Courses > Tutor Marked Assignments > MY RESULTS

check my open university Result

It was just a change of text, the former Noun student portal icon was labelled as "Results" while "My Results" is used on the Noun new portal. (...all the same)

How to Check NOUN Exam Results

The next opened page now displays your noun exam results starting from your last semester results to date.
NOUN statement of results

Useful Resources:
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  2. Apply For 2018 Jim Ovia Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarship Program For Nigerians
  3. NOUN Registrable Courses 2018 | National Open University Courses & Programmes

Here is my first semester 2014 Exam Result.

First semester 2014 My Noun Exam Result

But wait, How is my school result? Good or Bad

If you would say something, please make use of the contact box to get-in-touch with me!

You know what?

This Page is unique because it has every function that you need either to Print the result out or Export it to any viewable format like Acrobat ( PDF) File, CSV, Excel, Rich Text Format, TIFF File, Web Archive, etc

Add Exam Form - Print and Export Exam Results

Make your choice: Export or Print

But since this tutorial is about How to Check Noun Exam Result,  I won't bother myself much with the present options.

We Move Further to the Next Step of Calculating Student GPA - GP.

Free Bonus: Click here to Join our FB Community where you'll be allowed to Ask Questions, Share Ideas and have a talk with some of the Top Noun Officials. Includes 2 more Result Checking techniques not found in this post which I'll be disclosing to only Group members!

How To Calculate NOUN Result GP with GPA Calculator

What is a GPA: Grade point average (GPA) is a raw score average based on the letter grades you make each semester. Each letter grade is assigned a numerical value from 0-4 or 5 points, depending on your institution's scale.

Schools also look at cumulative GPAs when you apply to college or graduation.Unfortunately, there is no universal way to calculate GPA. Indeed, GPA calculation methods vary by country and by institution, as some give extra points for honours classes, and some weigh scores by units. However, with the basics and a few of the more common GPA calculation methods, you can hopefully get a fair idea of your GPA.(Source)

Now, starting with the 

National Open University of Nigeria TMA

Tutor Marked Assessments (TMAs) Carries 10 marks each in 4 Places making it 40 marks but since Noun TMA is graded by 30% ( 70% for Exams), The Best Solved 3 TMAs is selected out of the 4 TMAs been submitted.

How To Calculate NOUN TMA Score

For Example, You Scored

9.5   in TMA 1
10    in TMA 2
6.5   in TMA 3
8.0  in TMA 4

Then TMA 1,2,4 will be selected as your highest scored TMAs over 30 marks

That's - 9.5+10+8 = 27.5

So then, 27.5 is your TMA Score in total

How To Calculate NOUN Examination Result

And using Exam Results GPA Calculation To Calculate NOUN GP

Note this Points,
A = 70-100
B = 60-69
C = 50-59
D = 45-49
E = 40-44
F = 39 below

So let's say, These are my current Exam Result

How to Calculate Noun Exam Results GPA

Then the Calculations will be like Exam Grade multiply by the Course Credit Unit

CIT 211        B = 4  X  3  => 12

CIT 215       B = 4  X  3 => 12

MTH133     C = 3 X 2 => 6

CIT 237      C = 3 X 3 => 9

GST 201     B = 4 X 2 => 8

MTH 281   C = 3 X 3 => 9

CIT 213      A = 5 X 2 => 10

MTH 213   B = 4 X 3 => 12

Add Up the Grade Points = 12 + 12 + 6 +9 +8 +9 + 10 + 12 => 78
Add Up the Course Units =   3 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 3 =>  21

Divide Total Grade Points by Total Course Units  = 78/21 => 3.7143 which is Second Class Upper

First Class begins from  4.50 and above.
Second Class Upper: 3.50 - 4.49.
Second Class Lower: 2.50 - 3.49.
Third Class: 1.50 - 2.49.

You can now use this same steps to Check your own Noun Exam Results.

In-case you missed it:

Grab Your Bonus now: Click here to Join our FB Community where you'll be allowed to Ask Questions, Share Ideas and have a talk with some of the Top Noun Officials. Includes 2 more Result Checking techniques not found in this post which I'll be disclosing to only our Group members!

NOUN Result Calculation with GPA Calculator - Method 2

Alternatively, You can Calculate your GPA in a Single Click with an Online GPA Calculator result checker.
To begin, Type in the URL - http://www.back2college.com/gpa.htm. This is how the Page looks like,

GPA Calculator using Back to College

Fill in the Empty Provided Space with your Current Course Title/Code, Credit Units, and Exam Grades - then Click on " Calculate Your GPA" to see the magic :)
How to Calculate Your Grade Point Average GPA with NOUN Exam Results

That's it - So easy and Fast!

Further Readings:
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  1. adebanjo ademola15:56

    noun is a very good school

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    That is good.

  4. Adeyemi Oseni00:32

    It is a good welcome development

  5. Joseph Agwo07:05

    I can't see any of my results, both current and the precious one.

    1. Check now. Every of noun result has been released

  6. Good information to all noun students

    1. Yes, This an easy method on How to Check NOUN Exam Result.

  7. Padfait Idemili22:20

    Truly ,the way NOUN is progressing, very soon the CONVENTIONAL UNIVERSITIES will be relegated to the background.

  8. Glorious school, that anable all but the workers and non-worker to study and obtain or acquire good knowledge about life and even feature to come. I give God the glory

  9. Oladele Femi Adebayo14:49

    I am having a issue concerning my result GPA known as the grade point average please i need a help for that thanks

  10. James Oaikhena17:45

    Kudos to noun,but there are still a lot to do, both in the area of communication between students and the tutors, also the area of good information to the students during the exam, it's happened that during the last e-exam , I have two papers at the same time, same hour, what would I do, I started with one, when I finished, I tried to start the second paper, to my surprise, l couldn't login again, so I ran to the invigilator she started saying some things, and I told her that students need to be briefed because I have not encountered such before, after some minutes, she called 'IT' department later she said I gave you 45 minutes, for 150 questions, three units cause. So this are some of the areas noun need to do more

  11. ubalaka chris22:35

    in one of your publications you assured students that their pending results are in your porter, ,
    could you please release them for the benefit of those who could not travel such a distance in search of these results . it is also discovered that those who apply always receive failure so that they can repeat those courses waaaaaooooooo this is a could means of raising fund. true?


    I have written constitutional law 11 Law 244 twice but no result has been released to me. First exam was written in 2012 and second exam on same course was written in ember, 2015 exam.How can I get it -result?

  13. Freeman K. Badasu17:10

    Hi,i am having problem to see my result,and having issue to generate my R.R.R..I need help please.

  14. wama Gani18:41

    kudos to noun,My problem with the programs is theirs web site,try to generate rrr code is big challenge to us student.

  15. Olatomiwa Martins18:39

    Thanks a lot for the lovely and highly appreciated information on this site.

  16. Adeyemi funke22:33

    pls help I can't get through my exam result

  17. Thanks for the information on how to calculate ones GPA. But pls how is the TMA added? Is it the total of my score of 30% or its fractionalized too. Pls again, the issue of missing results is worrisome. Thanks for your anticipated action on these

  18. afeez14:07

    I wrote my master exam second semester in sep/oct 2014 in three different centre with writing letter from my centre Director to the centre Director of the concern centre. To my greatest surprise, I only have B in the only course I wrote in my centre while I have F9 in all the courses I wrote in other centre. I complain and demand to know what happened, even went to headquarter but all they could to me is that I should go and rewrite those courses. This discourage me seriously because I have not rewrite it since then. Someone also complain of similar situation. This act is very bad from the office of exams and record of NOUN.

  19. Okwenna Chidiebere Kingsley J17:27

    I Am having issue with the compulsory fee foe registration. the Fee schedule says that returning student will pay N13,000.00 for second semester and N23,000.00 for first semester.

    I am returning for first Semester and the portal shows that I amsuppose to pay N13,000.00.

    however after payment, and loading the payment, the system will deduct N23,000.00 as Compulsory fee.

    How can this issue be addressed?

  20. Okwenna Chidiebere Kingsley J17:28

    I am returning for Second semester PGD Finance

  21. James oaikhena21:22

    Returning first semester are to pay N23,000.00' N10 ooo is for cit,, while second semester will pay 13,000co compulsory fee, until nest level first semester before we can pay such money again.

  22. It might be a problem with your data connections, Reconnect and try again

  23. All 2016 Noun Exam results has been released, You can check your portal again .

    1. I logged in to the portal but no result is showing. I finished in 2016 but the only option the portal is showing me is 2018 first sememster

  24. Gertrude Adebayo15:59

    please can I have my MBA 812, MBA816 and MBA 826 results released. I wrote these courses since first semester 2015. why cease someone's result without a reason or justification?

  25. Tanimowo Sunday00:59

    Please, two of my courses I did in last Exam April 2016 are not released. Please l need your help. Thanks.

  26. Adi williams11:49

    one pays for course and always materials are not given. we spend huge amount to print again.
    what is your advice, can one only do exam registration alone?

  27. I suggest that you go to Noun Site and download your Course Materials which saves you the cost of printing Coursematerials. Then you can read on the go - Mobile, PC or on your smartphone

  28. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on visit here. Regards

  29. when exam be rounding up this second semester

  30. when will exams be round up in noun

  31. omojpla florence19:42

    in fact i have been trying to download past questions without success for some days now i dont really know what to do again

  32. Hey guys, thanks for the clue on how to calculate my GP
    I found the site. try it out

    tutorsonboard. com/silverlining/calculategp.php

  33. Blessing19:33

    I have two pen on paper exams same day same time 8:00am, 8:00am. Please what do i do?

  34. solomon19:06

    im unable to log in to my portal, is it general problem?


    I wrote the following courses Rural Development MGS -304, ENT 417- Production Management and ENT-431 Marketing Ethics and Social Development since but up til now, am yet to see my results. I complaint to my centre, which is Kanshio, Makurdi but they asked me to wait that they will soon release them. I am confused.

  36. Yes, and you can re-login to your school portal now because the problem has been resolved.

  37. A new exam timetable has been released which you can find on the school website. I hope it favors you.

  38. I still can't find my m.sc results for 4 courses written sept/Oct 2015, even after visiting the h/q. Plus the reception there was so poor. My experience in noun has been so horrible, I regret studying here.

  39. Kayode Ibukunoluwa Oluwabukola20:52

    Please i have already done my final exams since march being trying to log in to my portal but its not been opening, i don't know if its a general problem with everyone the portal has been redirecting me.

    Anticipate your response Admin.
    Thank you.

  40. i have two pop m.ed. papers to write on monday 24/10/2016 and tuesday 25/10/2016 bt cannot have access to portal to enable me print out my exam id

  41. odang07:52

    hello, please advice me what to do with exams results that have not been released since last year 2015. i was advised to fill a form with attached documents over a year ago still was not released and i should be graduating this year. i have no problems in all the courses so far. i have completed and submitted my project work. i tried to register those courses but have exhausted my credit unit allowed for the semester. please what next??? please help me beg people in charge to please release my result.... God bless noun, God bless our counselors, god bless our students.

  42. Umeakuka J. Maurice09:09

    The results of all the second semester 400 level law courses we took in Awka study center in October 2015 have not been released up to October 2016 and no explanation is being given. How can the results of all the students in a particular center be withheld and no body is taking responsibility. This is unheard of, more so when nothing untoward happened during the examinations. Please kindly release these results because it's greatly affecting our stay in the school.
    Kind rewards.

  43. Idris Aishat Jibrin14:39

    Sorry am left with one tma to summit but the portal is close, are they going reopen again or not please I want to know.

  44. Olawale sunday16:43

    I have been left out of my program since 2013,my second semester as entrepreneur student,I want to come back to continue what would I do ?please I need your help.

  45. Emmanuel23:40

    The Student portal is not opening, have seen some complains here, any solution for now? Trying to login

  46. SHALOM19:02



    But i can't still access it

  48. pls can someone graduate with only conposary course without some elective course? Pls

  49. Bamikole23:33

    Please when are will going to start our first semester 100L Exams

  50. Bamikole23:35

    Please help me out on my TMAs


    what a nice site, lets keep up

  52. i have problem login into my portal.

  53. Okwenna Chidiebere Kingsley J17:52

    When will the portal be up again?or are we going to be marked over 100% with the exams only if the tma portal did not open again?

  54. Ogunyando Oladipo Joshua08:13

    No doubt, NOUN is wonderful . However I wrote my exams but it refuses to release about five courses. I feel like dropping the course of study.

  55. ...Still on consideration.

  56. Hold-on, it's getting better with the new platform on-board.

  57. Please Click here, Answer to your question lies inside.

  58. We are working to get it in-order.

  59. Never you conclude yet, Please click here to follow the steps outlined therein - it works!

  60. Gibson Onyekwere15:10

    please I really really need an answer to this question. Does NOUN includes carryover courses in CGPA calculation after it has been passed in second attempt by a student?

  61. Gibson Onyekwere15:47

    please what is NOUN minimum CGPA requirement for second class lower (2.2)? I was told that the current minimum requirement approved by national university commission (NUC) for second class lower is 2.40 CGPA against previous 2.50 CGPA.

  62. Goodluck Emereonye21:42

    I submitted my project in March 2015 having completed my course work since 2015 yet I haven't seen my project result because the portal isn't opening again, what am I supposed to so as to graduate this January

  63. Goodluck Emereonye21:45

    Sorry, I submitted the project in March 2016 not 2015

  64. How many credit unit including (compulsory & elective courses) needs by noun after graduation?

  65. It differs based on your department, A tutorial ( Like this one here ) will help you. Check it out

  66. OLA NATH00:24

    I have done all the requirements for the masters degree in ADM and planning but the portal is still not accessible, who will graduate in Jan 20th as announced and how without knowing the result?

  67. Noun is a very good school

  68. please open portal.

  69. udauk obong18:58

    we want to do our TMA,
    we don't want to be marked 100% because
    TMA is always our first step of passing exam...
    or our we going to be given 30% for TMA consideration.

  70. What is the fate of law results which have not been released since second semester of 2015

  71. If one scores an F garde in a particular course and later scores a B grade in the same course after a repeat exam, how is the calculation done ?

  72. Good day, pls have been away for a while and i want to login into my school porta, what is the new process?

  73. Anonymous11:38

    Good day, Pls when will the result for our project be added to our current results. I just submitted my Msc. project in August, 2017.

  74. Anonymous13:19

    A course I failed was entered twice in my result and it affected my CGPA. Course name is CIT 851(Advanced Systems Analysis And Design) I sat for the exam and failed it only in first semester but it was input into again into my second semester result. Please correct this mistake and re-calculate my CGPA. My matric No. is NOU134304573. Awaiting for swift response. Thanks

  75. EXCELLENT !!!. I sincerely appreciate the wonderful responses.Please i will appreciate if course materials for Law students are made available at the study center. As 300 and 400 Levels course materials are not available despite i had paid for the materials. In fact, i had to resort to download them which is additional cost.Thank you for the wonderful job. ABUBAKAR IDRIS

  76. I had completed all courses, examinations, project and everything l should do as a student since 2015 but my result hasn't been released. I am in the Department of Computer Science. I have written letters and made phone contacts. All l have gotten is exercise patience. I am tired

  77. I have been away for a while now, i tried logging to my portal but couldn't, i was instructed to migrate to the new portal, when i did i could not see any of my past records, pls assist.

    1. I will advise you to inform your study center admin officer.

  78. Please i will like to check my results online i finished 2014 Pg diploma in information technology though i have not been around since then,what can i do?since the old portal then cant be accessed

    1. Register at the Noun New Student Portal. So you can be able to check your result. See NOUN Student Portal Registration Procedures

  79. Mr Gentle09:03

    Noun is a good school

  80. I do appreciate all the efforts.


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