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NOUN Fees: How to Check & Review all Payments Made to the NOUN EDU Portal via E-wallet

You argue about this every day,

Always wanted to see the money you've paid all through your stays in the National Open University of Nigeria; starting from your day 1

That's smartness and i love you for it


I'll show you - Is it not noun e-wallet?

You shall discover where, when and what your money was used for

Add to it. You'll get to know how to Make Payment & load more  fund to Remita platform in a nutshell

NOUN has always proved to be in charge when it comes to transparency; letting you know that the money on which you paid for - was assigned to the option which is meant to be
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To Start with, What is an E-wallet? - It's Called Electronic Wallet. An online prepaid account where one can stock money, to be used when required. As it is a pre-loaded facility, consumers can buy a range of products from airline tickets to the grocery without swiping a debit or credit card. ( Source )

Whereas the dictionary.com defined it as an electronic device, website, software system, or database that facilitates commercial transactions by storing a consumer's credit card, shipping address, and other payment data.

noun e-wallet at Dictionary.com

Good match

How To Access the National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN E-wallet Portal

1. Log-on to the NOUN Portal dashboard - http://portal.nou.edu.ng/ using your NOUN User login details.

2. At the Site homepage,  on your left-hand side - Scroll down to locate the Labeled text named " My E-wallet" before the Noun result check link

My noun E-wallet

Click on it, to go to the Next Page Displaying All List of E-wallet Transactions right from your first payment of noun application form.

It's made up of two categories: Credit Transactions and Debit Transactions.

The Credit here,
Credit Transactions of Noun E Wallet

And the Debit

DebitTransactions of Noun E Wallet

With a Total Summary of all your Payments,

Total Summary of NOUN E-wallet Payments

My e-wallet payment summary is a little bit huge ( not that much) because of my current status as a final year student of Computer Science; The Amount will vary depending on your School and Field of Study

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How To Load More Fund Into Your NOUN EDU Portal

1. This can be done on the Noun e-wallet page - http://portal.nou.edu.ng/ViewEwallet.aspx, Just below the e-wallet payment summary.

2. Click on the named text " Load More Fund."

How to Load More Fund to the NOUN EDU Portal via NOUN E-wallet

When Clicked on it takes you to a new page to Load Fund to your Noun Edu portal. The Money could be used for course registrations, Exam registrations, Student ID Card, etc

Note: Kindly Verify the Personal details above (If Yours) before Loading Cash to your e-wallet!

Steps To Load Cash Into Your NOUN E-wallet with Easy

1. Select the Bank where you make your school Payment,

Select the Bank on where you pay to
2. Enter the Transaction Number/ID collected from the bank,

Enter E-wallect Paid Transaction Number ID

3. Then Enter equivalent Amount paid and click on "Load Cash"  button.

Enter Amount Paid and Click Load Fund to the NOUN EDU Portal via NOUN E-wallet
Perfect, Your Noun Edu portal must have been loaded with money now.

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