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NOUN TMA Timetable with TMA Opening and Closing Date 2018

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NOUN Academic Calendar 2017/2018 Session Approved Calendar

2017 is here with us; Alongside with the Approved National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN Academic Calendar on how to Run this academic year programmes to noun students and the general public.

Letting you know the dates and deadlines of every activity being organised by the school management board

Good news,

This is like a To-do list of what the school wants to achieve before the year runs out. And one thing about the Noun Calendar is the way it's being scheduled and strictly followed

But sometimes, it may not work out  as planned by the Noun management board due to some issues that may occur during the session, Even at that - They work so hard to meeting up with the programme deadlines at her best
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NOUN 2017/2018 Calendar - Updated November 2017

Possible Duration
Block Dates
MarchCourse Registration
5 Weeks
March 6 – 9th April, 2017
April1st TMA
2 weeks
10th April, 2017
AprilExamination Registration Begins 
7 weeks
10th April, 2017
AprilFacilitation commences10 weeks10th April, 2017
MayOrientation of Fresh Students

25th May, 2017
MayMatriculation Ceremony

 27th May, 2017
MayInaugural Lecture


11th May, 2017
MayIT/SIWES Supervision begins
4 weeks
12th May, 2017
May2nd TMA

4 weeks
15th May, 2017
May3rd TMA26th May, 2017
MayExamination Registration Ends28th May, 2017
June4th TMA9th June, 2017
JuneRegistration for Examination Ends

13th June, 2017
JuneIT/SIWES Supervision ends

12th June, 2017
JuneFacilitation ends

18th June, 2017
JunePoP Examinations begins

9 weeks
4th July, 2017
JuneInaugural Lecture
JulyPoP Examination ends27th July, 2017
JulyPreparation for E-Examination begins17th July, 2017
JulyMarking of POP begins2nd August, 2017
JulyPreparation for E-Examination ends30th July, 2017
JulyTMA Submission Ends31st July, 2017
JulyE-Examination begins31st July, 2017
AugustE-Examinations end27th  August, 2017
AugustMarking of PoP ends27th August, 2017
AugustIT/SIWES Supervision begins

11th August, 2017
AugustInaugural Lecture

August, 2017

September, 2017
SeptemberRegistration of courses/examinations begin

25th September, 2017
SeptemberRegistration of courses/examinations end

25th October, 2017
OctoberSenate to consider results

26th October, 2017
OctoberDevelopment and collation of test items (TMA)

23rd - 28th  October, 2017
NovemberSubmission of TMAs1st November 2017 - 22nd January 2018.
NovemberDevelopment and collation of test items (PoP and E-examinations)1st -  14th November 2017
NovemberExternal Moderation of PoP examination questions (Where applicable)15th  - 24th November 2017
DecemberSenate Meeting to consider full results/list of graduating studentsDecember,  2017
January, 2018PoP examinations19th January - 16thFebruary, 2018
February, 2018E-examinations20th February - 16thMarch, 2018

NOUN Academic Calendar for 2016/2017

         MonthActivityPossible DurationBlock Dates
 JanuarySenate January,2017
 JanuaryRegistration for Courses and Examinations   by both Fresh and Returning Students commences 9th January, 2017
 January Convocation 20th and 21st  January, 2017
 January Facilitation commences 16th January, 2017
 January Course Registration ends 4 weeks 23rd January, 2017
 February 1st TMA 2 weeks 6th February, 2017
 February Orientation of Fresh Students 7th & 8th February, 2017
 February Matriculation Ceremony 18th February, 2017
 February Inaugural Lecture
 February Senate
 February 2nd TMA

4 weeks
 13th February, 2017
 February 3rd TMA 24th February, 2017
 March 4th TMA 10th March, 2017
 March Registration for Examination closes 10th March, 2017
 March Facilitation ends 12th March, 2017
 March Examinations begin

8 weeks
 20th March, 2017
 March Inaugural Lecture
 April Senate
 May Examinations end 12th May, 2017
 May Marking of PoP begins 8th May, 2017
 May Marking of PoP ends 26th May, 2017
 May Collation of PoP & e-exams results ends 2nd June, 2017
 May IT/SIWES Supervision begins 12th May, 2017
 May Inaugural Lecture June, 2017
 June Senate June, 2017
 June Release of Examination Results 12th June, 2017
 June IT/SIWES Supervision ends 13th June, 2017
 June Registration of students commences

4 weeks
 25th June, 2017
 June Orientation of fresh students 27th June to 28th June, 2017
 July Matriculation Ceremony28th  – 2nd  July 1st July, 2017
 July Facilitation commences 3rd July, 2017
 July Inaugural Lecture
 July Senate
 July Registration of students ends 21st July, 2017
 August 1st TMA

8 weeks
 25th July, 2017
 August 2nd TMA 7th August, 2017
 September 3rd TMA 21st August, 2017
 September 4th TMA 14th September, 2017
 September Facilitation ends 15th September, 2017
 September Examinations begin

8 weeks
 25th September, 2017
 September Inaugural Lecture
 October Senate
 November Marking of PoP begins 10th November, 2017
 November Examinations end 17th November, 2017
 November Marking of PoP ends 24th November, 2017
 November Collation of PoP & e-Exams results end 30th December, 2017
 November IT/SIWES Supervision begins 18th November, 2017
 November Inaugural Lecture
 December Senate
 December Release of Results 1st December, 2017
 December IT/SIWES Supervision ends 19th  December, 2017

How To Check NOUN Academic Calendar 2018

1. Log-on to the National Open University Website ==> http://www.nou.edu.ng/

2. Just at the noun site homepage, scroll down to locate the labelled icon called " Academic Calendar" and Click on it

Noun Academic Calendar

3. It then takes you to the Approved Noun academic calendar for this year programme 2016/2017

In addition, You can view, Read and Download the Noun Inaugural Lectures at a Glance.

What Are Inaugural Lectures?

An inaugural lecture is an occasion of significance in an academic staff member's career at the National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN.

The Purpose of an Inaugural Speech

Inaugural lectures provide newly appointed professors with the opportunity to inform colleagues, the campus community and the general public of their work to date, including current research and future plans. Professors are usually required to give their inaugural lecture within 12 months of their appointment.

Inaugural lectures are a ceremonial occasion, and academic robes are worn by the inaugural professor and the rest of the platform party. Those attending the lecture do not wear academic robes. ( Source )

How To Read and Download Inaugural Lectures

Step 1: Still on the Noun academic calendar page

Step 2: At the Left side of the News/ Events Quicklinks. Click on the Labelled text with "Inaugural Lectures" - Have you seen it?

Noun Inuagural Lectures

Click on it - You've done that?

You're now at the All Lectures of NOUN Inaugural and Convocations Lessons by the National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN Professors ==> http://www.nou.edu.ng/page/all-lectures

All Lectures of NOUN Inuagural and Convocation lessions

Step 3: Click on any of the text links to download the file, Read and Study for your convenience

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  1. I am around of NOUN because its give hope to working class people to study while learning at the same time.But my problem with noun is a department call EXAM AND RECORD. Let every department have autonomy to examine his/her student.

    Secondly, if the VC received a list of graduation student he should approve it immediately and also give all departments directive to issues out statements of result to the graduating students pending went the Senate will site to rectified such result

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