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NOUN Accredited Courses with Programmes Offered in NOUN


I'm glad that you choose to Learn about Schools and programmes offered in NOUN before considering applying for an admission into the school.

Great idea,

Tough queries asked by Noun Students, such as the ones listed below; will be perfectly answered all through this guide. Questions like:

  • What are the Courses Offered in Noun for Masters

  • The Courses Available in Noun University

  • Art Courses Offered in Noun

  • Law Courses Offered in Noun

  • PGD Courses Offered in Noun

  • Educational Courses Offered in Noun

  • Undergraduate Courses Offered in Noun

  • And All Courses Offered in Noun that Students can Get Admissions

You know, this has been the issue many had

Just rushing to pick-up national open university form without first checking on the Courses that they have on board

You may not have noticed the stress that you've saved for yourself for first checking courses that are available in noun over every other thing  ( that's if you're a fresher or you just looking to do researches about National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) ).


If you happen to be a returning student; there are quite a few numbers of Schools discuss herein which am so sure that you've never heard of
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So, this article was made to touch all round edge in meeting your high urge to learn about schools and courses offered in the NOU Nigeria

Now, we begin;




1 Cooperative Management

2 Entrepreneurship and Business Management

3 Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

4 Masters in Public Administration (MPA)


1 Hotel and Catering Management


1 Christian Theology

2 English Language

3 French and International Relations

4 Islamic Studies


1 Nursing Science

2 Public Health Science


1 Agricultural Science Education

2 Biology Education

3 Business Education

4 Chemistry Education

5 Computer Science Education

6 Early Childhood Education

7 English Education

8 French Education

9 Integrated Science

10 Mathematics Education

11 Physics Education

12 Primary Education


1 Law


1 Computer Science

2 Communication Technology

3 Environmental Science and Resources Management

4 Mathematics

5 Mathematics/Computer Science

6 Data Management


1 Criminology and Security Studies

2 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

3 Tourism Studies

How To Check Courses & Programmes Offered in NOUN University

Step 1: Type in the URL, http://nouedu.net into your web browser.

The pop-up widget may be a distraction; this is how to close it - By clicking on the ( x) sign at the Left corner of the background

Now, Here is how the noun website homepage looks like

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Download Course material 1

Step 2: Click on the Drop down menu on the right-hand side of the screen,

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Download Course material 2

The Image looks like the one I have below,

NOUN website home links

Step 3: Click on the listed item named ” Schools ”  under Academics

Lists of Courses and Programmes Offered in NOUN Schools

Next Page, Takes you to the web page where you’ll find NOUN Schools - A Quicklinks to Courses that are Offered in NOUN 

NOUN Schools and Programmes Offered

Step 4: From the quick links at the left-hand side,

Select from the options; your intended schools you want to look up to; where the Course/ programme you are about to apply to - - is registrable on the present academic session

Secondly on...

How To Check Programmes Offered in NOUN

For example,

Let say that I want to know if NOUN Offers Bsc Mathematic and Computer Science


So what I'll do, Is to browse through the School of Science and Technology in locating BSc Mathematics and Computer Science

NOUN School of Science and Technology

The Next Page, Shows you School of Science and Technology of National Open University of Nigeria 

National Open University of Nigeria Sci and Tech Home

Next, Click on the " Overview " to Read about Mission and Vision behind the school of Science and Technology of National Open University of Nigeria

National Open University of Nigeria Sci and Tech Overview

The Overview page also contains information about School of Sci & Tech Functions and duties

National Open University of Nigeria Sci and Tech Overview mission

That's it

So, Since we're trying to Check if the Programme " BSc Mathematics and Computer Science" is available for Registration on NOUN

We shall then Move onto "Programmes"

National Open University of Nigeria school of Science and Technology programmes

Yeah - Cool, Isn't it?

The Listed Courses for the National Open University of Nigeria School of Science and Technology are:

ProgrammeProgramme Code 
Bachelors’ Programmes
Communication Technology5202
Computer Science5203
Data Management5204
Environmental Science & Resource Management5205
Mathematics/Computer Science5209
Financial Mathematics5215
Post Graduate Diploma Programmes
Digital Communication5302
Mobile (Wireless) Communications Technology5304
Information Technology5305
Masters’ Programmes
Information Technology5401

Luckily for me,

The Course that i wanted to apply for in NOUN " Mathematics/ Computer Science"  is available, so I can now go home and start the preparation processes which ranges from

Requirements for Gaining an Admission into the NOUN  School of Science and Technology ( Click here to Read )

To Check Staff List and Qualification ( Click here to View )

I Think from here; you're ready to Look for any other Courses that are Offered in the National Open University of Nigeria ( NOUN )

Bsc mathematics and Computer Science in the National Open university of Nigeria ( NOUN )

Using the same method that i used in locating a Course Offered in NOUN ( Basically for, BSc Mathematics and Computer Science ) can be used to find any Programme and Schools in the National Open University of Nigeria.

In Brief,

The Top 10 Schools, Programmes and Courses Offered in the National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN

  1. School of Arts & Social Sciences

  2. School of Science and Technology

  3. School of Health Sciences

  4. School of Management Sciences

  5. School of Education

  6. School of Law

  7. Centre for Lifelong Learning

  8. School of Postgraduate Studies

  9. School of Agricultural Sciences

  10. Access and General Studies

  11. CEMBA/CEMPA  (Additional)

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