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NOUN Registrable Courses 2018 | National Open University Courses & Programmes

It is good that you check noun registrable courses 2018 to know whether they're offering the courses on which you want to Apply for Admission.
It is very much important, and you'll be glad that you did.

Because it will look so stupid for you to go straight into a NOUN participating bank nearer to you, pick up Noun application form but get to realize that, the course you intended to partake at the Noun Nigeria is currently not available for admission for the present year of academic.

N5000 gone to trash,
It pains, and that I won't allow it to happen to you - - So that's why am writing to you on how to know noun registrable courses before applying for admission into National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)
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How To Check NOUN Registrable Courses

1. Visit to the National Open University website ==> http://nouedu.net

Noun registrable courses website homepage

2. At the national open university website homepage, Hover your mouse to Study with Us, Click/ and or Hover to Programmes on the Noun site drop-down menu options and then click on Registerable courses.

Click on study with us> Programme > Noun registrable courses

Now, you should have the List of Noun registrable courses on the next opened page

Useful Resources
  1. List of Courses Offered in NOUN
  2. How To Download All NOUN Past Questions in 12 Minutes
  3. NOUN Migration OF Students in suspended Programmes to other relevant Programmes

3. In the Noun registrable courses reset page, Choose your faculty from the drop-down menu options (from host faculty) and click Apply to filter registrable courses based on your noun Faculty (School of study)

Noun list of available courses

4. Now click on your noun registered course or intended courses to study at the Noun university (this applicable to prospects/aspirants).

Note: I will be using B.Sc Public Administration as an example on this tutorial.
Noun list of registrable courses 2017/18

5. The next opened page opens the List of all registrable courses available based on the noun programme selection. 

National open university list of courses offered

6. Click on the course programme title

Noun available courses 2018/17

7. Select your course at the Course Title Registerable

How to Check Noun registrable Courses

8. Click on Course material to download the courseware of the programme.

- http://nouedu.net/sites/default/files/2017-04/GST%20107.pdf
Noun course downloads

9. In the next opened page, Hover and/or Click on the second icon at the top right corner of the webpage to save the noun courseware into your device.

Noun courseware download at open university website

Requirement To View the Noun Registrable Course Pdf File

  1. Adobe Reader 
  2. A smartphone or PCs

That is it!

Your noun registrable courses are now within your reach - - Enjoy, Have Fun and do help us by Sharing this Article on your Facebook and Twitter timeline.

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  1. Pls., it is very a serious case that that since my having started forward my series letter of complaint regarding miscomputation/mistakes in the final computation for graduation as well the dissatisfaction of grades in some e- examinations and still no solution to the problem. Please, Compute the two courses for me: PCR331(A) and PCR 374(B) I did two courses in 2012/2013 respectively while INR 212 (A) grade was written in 2012 not in 2010 but which result was out before the examination year. Pls. this is realy affected my final CGP and seriously I want a change. My Appeal to you sir. Thanks.

  2. gozie04:03

    pls what will be semester count for someone who wants to register his project as exam and course but has done 1st and 2nd semester for PGD programme


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