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The Simplest Way to Contact NOUN Administrative Office Concerning an issue - Faster!

Enough of this Noun staff not given me respond after my application submissions, and i must put a
stop to it now...

But though,

You've got to be known in all Noun online school forums ( Facebook, Twitter or Google+) laying off complaints that never get read since most Noun Staff aren't there.

And you feel unsatisfied, making you speak Hays about the Noun university.

But wait,

It could be that you're not communicating on the right platform. And that's why this guide is created to help you connect with the Noun admin board directly, making your queries known to them and getting a happy feedback as soon as possible.

To contact noun administrative office has been made easy, which you can do it without going to your study center, standing in a queue until it gets to your turn and stuff like that.

Now, you can contact noun through online within a couple of minutes, and the process has been tested and found worthy in practicing - so enjoy.

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How To Contact NOUN Administrative Office via Online

1. Log on the NOUN School Website: http://nou.edu.ng

Close the Announcement pops up

National Open University of Nigeria Annoucement

2. Click on to End Tour at the Right-hand side

National Open University of Nigeria End tour

Still on NOUN's website homepage,

3. Click on the Drop down menu on the right-hand side of the screen,

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Download Course material 2

The Image looks the one I have below,

NOUN website home links

4. Click on the listed item named ” Contact Us ”  under Support

Noun contact us page

5. Click on " Contact Us" at the left-hand side of the screen

Yea - That's it

NOUN contact form

Fill out the provided form (By typing in your data (s) as they've been arranged)

After writing all the required field,

6. Click on the named Icon " I'm not a robot" ...  You may face a  little test before moving to the next step. This a test for them to verify that you're a human and not a  computer robot or spammers.

National Open University of Nigeria contact us

Upon completely passes the captcha test, Click Send message to contact NOUN Admin staff to interfere in your matter asap.

4 Tips for Getting your Sent Message Read

1. Use your real name, don't try to forge anonymous.

2. Select the right category that suits your complaint.

3. Your subject line should dictate the message that you want to pass across to the Noun Admin.

4. Make your message short and straightforward.

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  1. has lectures and assignments for level 100 student started? and if yes, how do i get it? please keep me inform

  2. I am trying to register after payment but RRR is not reresponding


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