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NOUN TMA Timetable with TMA Opening and Closing Date 2018

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The Simple Handheld Tips to Adding Courses on your NOUN TMA Portal

Note: This article was updated a few days ago and it has the Noun TMA Solutions & Answering Guide, Go here and have it.

It sounds excellent to returning noun students but to the freshers; a hell of work to do.

That's how it supposed to be;

It is normal

I too was in that mood 3years ago, and i conquered it - humorously

If i could beat TMA questions, came out with either 8/10, 9/10 or 10/10 repeatedly - You can do much better than i did

The principle can never be changed; what works four years ago - will work now, tomorrow and more years to come . . . believe me!

NOUN Portal has become my good friend indeed, giving me what I garbage in without addition nor substrating my grades be it Examination or Tutor Marked assessments ( TMAs)

Sooner or later, Noun TMA Portal will become more user-friendly to you - I bet it

What's Popular now:

How to Add Courses on your NOUN  Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA)  Portal with Easy

Like i said, it's going to be  a 3 minutes reading - - Just going straight to points

The Tips to Adding Courses to your TMA Portal

Step 1: Visit National Open University school website ==> http://www.nou.edu.ng/

At first visit, a pop-up widget will appear on the Screen displaying noun latest announcement and school updates

Step 2: Click on the exit icon (x) that's on the Right-hand side
National Open University of Nigeria Annoucement

Now, Scroll down to locate the labeled item named " TAKE TMA ( Take your TMA or view pending TMAs )",

How to Add Courses on your NOUN TMA Portal - Take TMA

Next, takes you to the National Open University of Nigeria TMA Portal

Step 3: Log-on to the NOUN TMA Portal by Inputting your matric number and your password on the provided space; then click " Log in " icon

NOUN TMA Login area
You're now at the TMA Portal homepage,

Showing you list of your courses that's available for TMA

Current NOUN TMA Courses

They won't be courses to register for TMA in your NOUN TMA Portal if you haven't Register your Courses for Examination . . . So, you make sure that you've first do your Exam Registration before planning for TMA.

To Learn how to Register your Courses for Examination, Click here. 

How To ADD TMA COURSES If they aren't Added Automatically on your TMA Portal

Step 1: Click on the "Add Missing TMA Courses."

You'll find it just after your  Current TMA Courses

Add Missing TMA Courses

Step 2: Tick on the Courses you want to Add to TMA

Ticking Missing TMA Courses to NOUN TMA Portal

Step 3: After selecting all courses, Then Click on " Add Selected Courses to TMA".

Add Selected Courses to TMA

That's it

You made it in Adding Courses to your NOUN TMA Portal

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    good work so how can manage to get noun past tma exam past question for agric econs & agro business.


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