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NOUN Exam Registration 2018 - National Open University Portal

It has always been my best method to Register my courses for examination after doing course registration; it makes me feel at rest. . . While others will be rushing ( in a week to the exam ), I'll be busy revising my previously learned topics and assessment

You too should acquire this habit - it's a good one.

Having done your Course Registration, is then now time to do your NOUN Exam Registration for they both works together; They're like Brother and sister.

Below, I'll be showing you on how to do noun exam registration; like i said " without having to spend a penny at the cyber café"

So many students have wasted so much money on this issue . . . Adding more pains to the neck

Even with your Smartphones, it's achievable to register a course online with easy - - You'll only need a PC mostly when it comes to getting a hard copy of your registered courses for examination

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Step 1:  From the Student Control Center ( Portal Pro+ )

Look at the left-hand-side of the NOUN Navigation shortcuts ( Quick Links )

Step 2: Click on the named item called " Exam Registration " , it's just below Course Registration Quicklink

Portal Pro NOUN Students Control Centre - How to do NOUN Exam Registration 1

Step 3: After clicking on " Exam Registration ", then you'll now be directed to a webpage on where you'll be asked to tick all your courses on which you want to register for Examination.

These 3 needs that must be met before going further on your noun exam registration

1. Verify that you have enough amount on your Noun E-Wallet
2. Tick Appropriate courses you wish to register for exam
3. Click on Add Course For Exam button

Note that; each course for Examination cost a thousand naira

Let's assumed that you have enough amount on your E-Wallet, Now scroll down to see your available courses for exam registration

Available Courses for Noun Exam Registration

Tick to the Courses, you want to register for examination and Click on " Add Exam Courses"

Tick on the Courses you want to Register for Examiniation and Click on Add Exam Courses

Then after a click on continue button, to move further on your noun exam registration processes

Then after Click on Continue to do Noun Exam Registration

By hitting the " Continue " Button takes you to where you'll see your selected courses for exam registration

List of selected Courses for Noun Examination Registration

They're  two options to choose from,

Cancel Registration

- If you don't want to register your courses again at that very moment
- You selected a Course that never intended to Register for an Exam at that very semester

How to Cancel Registered Exams in Noun

But since you don't want to Cancel your Exam Registration processes

Then, Click on "Register Courses" to actually register your noun courses for Examination

Click Register Courses to finish your Examination Registration processes

That's it, here is the last procedure on doing NOUN Exam Registration showing you - your list of Courses registered for Examination

List of Courses registered for examination

From this end,
You can click on " Print Examination Slip" to have your registered courses on a Hardcopy

How to Print NOUN Exam Registration Slip
It has always been a sweet learning curve about registering noun courses for Examination . .

If this little guide, help you to resolve your issue on NOUN Exam Registration why not encourage my finger works by sharing this Post with a friend in your Facebook or Twitter timeline - If you do; that'll be so awesome

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  1. Ikponwosa odoko11:54

    Pls I can't login to my portal,I need to drop my tma

  2. The Issue will get resolve as soon as possible,many are also complaining about it

  3. agbaje21:18

    more than two weeks ago i have not be able to submit my tma, it give me a sleepless night

  4. agbaje21:21

    is it save for me to for exam without submitting my tma

  5. i mistakenly uploaded my passport photography and it was too small what can i do to correct this mistake

  6. Please, assist me on how to change a course i registered for which is no longer exist.


  7. Anonymous15:40

    pls i am finding it difficult to access past question papers in faulty of social science like PCR311, PCR 331, PCR371, PCR 375 PCR373, Thanks.


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