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NOUN Course Registration Portal Online Procedures 2018 Updated

Hurry! The school has resumed; then is now time to do NOUN Course Registration after paying for your fees - - with no time to waste . . . So anxious to start having lectures and fun with mates.

But wait,

Before even thinking of going to a bank for your NOUN School Fee Payment; here is a thing to do first - - it's so necessary and most important for every NOUN Student ( you and me . . . Nobody escapes it ).

Imagine standing in a queue in a bank for like one hour (plus) and it gets to your turn; they'll now tell you to write out your REMITA PAYMENT REFERENCE ( RRR ) Code . . . And you didn't come with it

So crazy and fucking mess-up

It happened to me yesterday, just to tell you that I'm speaking from an experience; meanwhile, i wouldn't want you to make that same mistake because it sucks

Good Reads:
So here is,

How To Make Payment Through Remita

Step 1: Log-on to your NOUN Student Control Center ( Portal Pro + )
Step 2: At the left-hand side, Click on Make Payment on Remita

Make Payment on Remita via NOUN Portal

Step 3: After Clicking on " Make Payment on Remita "
A new page will appear, but please make sure that you read the Notice /instructions so carefully.

Procedures To Noun Remita Payments with RRR Code Generation

1. Enter The Amount You Want To Pay, Click On Generate Remita Payment Reference
2. Write Down Your Remita Retrieval Reference Number(RRR)
3. Use the RRR To Make Payment From Any Branch of Commercial Banks
4. You Can Also Use The RRR To Pay From Your Internet Banking Platform
5. After Making Payment Allow For About 15 Minutes For The Fund To Reflect On Your Profile E-Wallet.

Important Notice before making Payment on Remita platForm

After reading the important notice thoroughly,

Scroll down to where you'll be told to Enter The Amount You Want To Pay.

The Value should be something like 25,000.00 and not #25,000.00

Make Payment on Remita via NOUN Portal - Enter the Amount you want to Pay

After typing in The Amount You Want To Pay,

Payment Form - Generate Remita Payment Reference RRR

Then Click on " Generate Remita Payment Reference ( RRR ) " to Generate a RRR code that you'll use to Pay your School Fee in any participating bank nearest to you.

Then, we move on the second step for noun course registration

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NOUN Course Registration Portal Online Procedures

Step 1: At the left-hand-side to the Student Control Center ( Portal Pro+ ), Click on " Course Registration "  [  is very bold  because this is a time for NOUN Course Registration ]

Portal Pro NOUN Students Control Centre - Noun course registration

After that,

You'll be directed to a page on where to select the courses you want to Register

Add Noun Course Form - Current Courses for registration

Step 2: Tick on the Courses that you want to Register

Tick on the Courses you want to register for examination

Step 3: After ticking on the Courses that you want to Register, Click on " Add Courses "

Tick on the Courses you want to register for examination and click on add courses

Step 4: Click on " Continue " to-Go into the next page of NOUN COURSE REGISTRATION

Tick on the Courses you want to register for examination and click on register courses

Here is your Course Registration Summary,
Step 5: Click on " Register Courses" to do your register your noun courses or you can equally cancel your registration if you don't want to register your courses any longer ( maybe you just discovered that you've made a mistake along the way );

How To cancel course registration , if you want

So it's very much important, that you check through your courses for registration before clicking to the Register Courses button .  .  . When you click, no more amendment except that you'll visit your study center admin to drop a course that you choose wrongly on your portal.

Yeah - we are done.

This is a confirmation message that'll appear upon noun course registration success

Course Registration successful Message

Optional:  There two more steps to enhance your noun academic life.

How To Join NOUN iLearn Platform

To Log on for NOUNiLearn after Course Registration

How To Create your profile and Join Virtual Classroom

To Create your Profile and Join Virtual Classroom on NOUNiLearn After Course Registration

Click on the second link, after noun course registration success message

It'll then redirect you, to where you shall be told to type in your matric number to verify your student information

How to Create your Profile and Join Virtual Classroom on NOUNiLearn After Course Registration 2

That's it - We've finished with Registering  a Course on noun edu portal

By now, you must have known how to do noun Course Registration with easy.

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28 Replies so far - Join Conversation

  1. NJIDE11:11

    Pls how can someone choose the correct coursers to register apart from asking those student ahead of U

  2. Here's an article which was written to guide you when choosing from courses available for registration on every noun programme session / semester -> http://nounreporters.com/noun-registrable-courses/ . . It has all the answers you need

  3. ebele07:40

    My portal has been unable to respond ever since I paid in my school fees.

  4. Question : On remitta payment option, Pls is it acceptable after selecting an amount eg 20,000.00
    and remitta code generated and on getting to the bank you changed your mind to pay lesser say

  5. iyke11:52

    Question: On remitta payment option, Pls is it acceptable after selecting an amount eg 20,000 and remitta code generated RRR..... and on getting to the bank you changed your mind to pay lesser say 15,000.

  6. No, that's not a good idea

  7. vivian22:03

    pls I have been trying to register courses like u illustrated but its telling me I have zero balance while I still have 40k on my ewallet account. pls help, am a new student

  8. Charity12:06

    I have the same issue. Can't access my portal in order to register my courses. What do i do pls?

  9. The School Portal is opening on my end,

    Pls check again, or it could be that the fault is from your data connection. Re-connect and try again

  10. It could be that your Portal is taking a longer time to reflect the payment. Let that not bother you so much - It'll get updated in due time

  11. Ekanem Affiong Divine18:15

    Please what are the maximum courses one can apply for in a semester?

  12. Please, be specific.

    Do you mean the Max. Credit Course Units to Register in a Semester?

    If Yes, Then

    25 Units are the maximum to register per semester

  13. Quick question: You know when course / exam registration is ending? Need that info...


  14. TOSYNE21:09

    please the total of all registered curses @ pgde is 14 not 16 total compulsory courses are 12 and elective is 2 making 14 , where is the remaining 2.
    GST 707 2
    EDU 721 2
    EDU 716 2
    EDU 712 2
    EDU 724 2
    EDU 726 2
    CIT 101 2

  15. Hey Babs,
    I can't say for now , But the earlier you register your courses - The better it'll be for you

  16. Abeebah08:57

    Hi, ur article was very helpful. Thanks so much!

  17. Richard G18:23

    Please how many elective courses should a student registered per semester

  18. Agbo Joseph onyeke13:46

    i have generated my remita & also paid the 5,000 but getting to fill the form upon log in the username & password i used in generating the remita site keep telling me that the is not found.
    what can i do

  19. Agbo Joseph onyeke13:49

    i have generated my remita & also
    paid the 5,000 but getting to fill the
    form upon log in the username &
    password i used in generating the
    remita site keep telling me that the password
    is not found.
    what can i do

  20. nurudeen22:35

    Pls,can I still buy the admission form as at today november 2016 or when will the form be available to purchase?, because some are sayin the couldn't complete the registration of the ones they ve bought already

  21. kalu joy14:10

    Hy all
    Please I just want to register for the undergraduate program
    I called one of the lectures there for help on how to generate my remitta and password but she told me that there is no registration for now
    Till january.
    Please what can I do
    Do I ignore her and go to bank and pay
    Please I need help right now

  22. Hello pls help me o, I paid for noun application form undergraduate on 23/12/2016 I was given RRR code. Then I couldn't log in because the portal has problem. Since January 9 have been trying to log in the portal is telling me wrong RRR code. Pls what will I do. Pls help me

  23. It could be that is a problem with the server or your data connections; and also RRR Code is meant to function within 24hours

  24. please i made payment but its not reflecting in my portal, i have tried all the above listed method and still not working out. Has anyone been able to solve this, if yes please how.

    1. Yes, your remita paid fee will just reflect in one attempt, follow this instruction HERE

  25. Hi admin i just want register for an undergraduate program in noun...How cn i go about it pls..Pls tel me d fees fr education program and amt fr d course registration..And cn someone pay d fee little by little thank you.

  26. pls i am a computer science student year 1, i want to know how many courses to register and which one is most relivant, because i can only register 12 courses so i want to know which one to drop. pls

  27. Hi, kindly assist as i registered for 6 courses which include GST807, but i could not find the course on the exam time-table. I checked the courses under my department now, to my surprise the GST807 is no longer on the list.

    I then try to log into my registration porter but it is showing closed. How do i change the GST807 which is not on the time-table to MPA807?


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