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Download NOUN Course Materials | National Open University Courseware Portal

Note: This article was updated a few days ago and it has the New Noun course material download link and features, Click here to download course materials

Noun Course material ( or a textbook/course guide in other universities in Nigeria).

Below I'll be showing you on how I download my noun Course Materials on Each Program session without having an issue

It works for me; yours won't be an exception.
Just with a Smartphone ( Android /Windows /Blackberry/ iPhone / PC ) and  Adobe Reader Application or Software with you; you're good to go
So here, I'll be showing you on How to Download NOUN Course materials from NOUN Official website - Having all of your registered courses with its course materials makes it quicker and better for you to Pass your exams and to solve TMA Questions

This Procedure also saves you some money. Instead of Buying them on HardCopy ( Printed Version ) which cost much money.

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I'm sure with these methods, you'll find it more handy and Portable since it'll be on a SoftCopy ( PDF Format File Type )  . . .  Read on anywhere you go; no more location restriction

  • Note: For you to View / Read/ Make Use of the NOUN COURSE Material; you must have first Downloaded an Adobe Reader or any other one that you know about. ( Click here to download One, In-case you don't have )


Step 1: Visit the Noun school website at http://nou.edu.ng

Upon landing on the Homepage ( See Picture Below )

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Download Course material 1

Step 2: Click on the Link labelled " MENU " to show you a drop down items to choose from

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Download Course material 2

After clicking on the labelled icon " Menu " -  A new Page will appear before you containing items like ABOUT , STAFF , QUICKLINKS and all that

Step 3: In all the Options, Find on the item named " e-Courseware " which is located under ACADEMICS

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Download Course material 3

When you click on the Labelled Listed item named " e-Courseware" - You'll now be directed to NOUN COURSEWARE DOWNLOAD ZONE.

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But before moving further, try to read the WARNING + The INSTRUCTIONS

Below are some of the statements being pronounced;


NOUN Prohibits the use of its e-Courseware for; Commercial, Financial purposes other than Educational.

The e-Courseware is a repository of available digital course material of the National Open University that will help you in your cause of studies.


  1. To be able to read any of the course materials in this library, you must have Adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader installed and would like to download it click here.

  2. To read any of the course materials, click on the Title for that material. beside the title you want. The material will then open in a new window. Once you are done reading it, simply close the window to return to this e-Courseware.

  3. If you wish to save the course material after opening it you may do so by clicking the save button in Adobe acrobat reader. Alternatively, if you just wish to download the course material for reading later without opening it first, then right-click the link and select the "save link as..." option.

  4. If you want to search through the e-Courseware for any course material, go to "Course Material", and use the search box. If you do not find your course material in the e-Courseware, please be patient as the materials are being coverted and added on a day to day basis.

  5. If you have any questions regarding the e-Courseware library please contact the Head web unit by emailingoamadasun@noun.edu.ng,(pls Note: Only emails with respect to e-Courseware issues are allowed here and not general Enquiries, Thank you). The subject of the email should be "e-Courseware".
National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Download Course material 4
Since I'm from the school of Science and Technology ( You could be from another School ; Just locate and choose your School of Education from the Sidebar Options )

Then i Choose, Science and Technology

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Download Course material 5

Just a Click to the Science and Technology link takes you to where you'll DOWNLOAD NOUN COURSE MATERIALS For SCHOOL OF SCIENCE ( for example )

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Download Course material 6

So when you click on any of the Course material that you wish to Download. A new page like this will be open on your Computer system ( That's if you have already installed Adobe Reader on your PC / Smartphone )

Let's say i want to Download  CIT104-INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS

The URL to this Course Material is


How To Save or Download The NOUN Course Material To Your PC / Smartphone

Hover over to the icon on the Right-hand side named " Save ", you hovered to see its anchor text ( That's placing your computer mouse to the icons/objects )

Microsoft Word CIT104 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS Save to Computer System

That's it - we're done!

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