NOUN Student Portal Registration Procedures for New & Returning Student 2018

Issues about logging into the noun student portal  page trends last three months, keeping both New and returning student of the  national o...

NOUN Admission Letter Printing Procedures (That Work Fast)

Admission letter, one of the most colourful gift  - student received from the school Administrative office (s)

One of the happiest moment i ever had ( if I'm not mistaken . . . )

I can't forget that day, and i'll never do

After all days of struggles, burning of candles, leaving Facebook to face your book, No Pinging, tweeting and kinds of stuff like that

And finally, your efforts show forth good result . . . You'll feel much better - Isn't?

You're happy; momma is happy, and Papa couldn't be left behind

  1. How to Print (NEW) or Re-Print Your Lost Student Identity Card without Stress

  2. How to Download NOUN Course Materials [explained with PHOTOS]

  3. A Complete Guide to do NOUN Course Registration ( Instruction with Pictures ) - 2016 Updated
I'm quite sure, nobody sleeps in your house because everyone was awake - watching you smiles all day long

It has to be so . . . And that is why; we the National Open University of Nigeria ( NOUN ) Reporters Media wants to show you how to print admission letter for Noun

How To Print NOUN Admission Letter ( Even when you lost your Previously Printed HardCopy)

It won't take much of your time, and we'll be done in a minute at least

Step 1: Log-on to the National Open University of Nigeria ( NOUN ) School Website = www.nouonline.net

Upon visiting the homepage on NOUN School Website, Scroll down ( just after the sliding images showing Prof. Dr. Abdalla Uba Adamu - The Vice Chancellor, National Open University of Nigeria )

Look thoroughly. You'll see an option  labelled " Print Admission Letter"

Click on it,
National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home print NOUN Admission letter

After clicking on it; it'll then take you to this page on where you can print your noun admission letter.

View Admission List before printing your NOUN Admission letter

Step 2: After filling-in your Name ( or surname) in the provided space. Upon hitting the Search button, it will bring you to this page as shown below

View Admission List on Printing admission letter

Enter your Application Form Number or Surname / First name / Middle Name and click on Search Button to display your academic details.

  • No. 1  -- is where you're expected to write your name

  • No. 2 --  Click " Search " after writing your name or surname in the provided space above.
View Admission List of John Osi

Let's assumed that your name is John Osi,

View Admission List on numbers

Click on the Blue numbering area ( writes 12342108 )

That's it; you've arrived at the final stage

NOUNReporters.com Admission letter final

I'm sure that questions like, How do I Print my Admission letter? And the method of Printing admission letter for noun has been dealt with today for sure.

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  1. lawrah tina19:48

    please i cant seem to print my admission letter what is wrong i dont understand


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