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National Open University Admission Requirements, Courses, School Fees & Student Portal Registrations

Hi, Welcome to the National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN Portal Information site.

In here, You'll learn all the National Open University Admission requirements, How to Apply and Noun school fees payment schedule of 2018 Academic Programme.

So, Make sure not to skip any session on this Noun admission webpage because it all has many hidden Tips that no staff will reveal to you - personally.

What You'll Learn In This Guide: (Click to Jump to link)
  1. History of  the National Open University of Nigeria
  2. National Open University Mission Statement
  3. Why Go to the National Open University
  4. Who Can Apply For Admission into the National Open University
  5. National Open University School Fees For 2018
  6. How to Pay NOUN School Fees
  7. Banks to Pay NOUN School Fees
  8. National Open University Direct Entry Requirement
  9. How To Generate Remita Code for Admission Form and NOUN School Fees Payment
  10. How to Confirm Remita Payment
  11. List of Courses Offered in NOUN
  12. How to Register Courses and Exams
  13. National Open University Accredited Courses
  14. How To Apply for National Open University Admission
  15. NOUN Student Portal Registration Procedures For 2018
  16. How to Renew NOUN Portal Registration as a Returning Student
  17. National Open University Registrable Courses
  18. NOUN 2018 Academic Calendar
  19. How To Download Noun Course Materials in 1 click
  20. Review of National Open University of Nigeria TMA
  21. How To Print Noun student ID card
  22. Where To Download NOUN Exam Past Questions
  23. How To Check NOUN Exam Result And Calculate Result GPA
  24. NOUN 2018 Result Grading System
  25. List of National Open University Study Centres
  26. National Open University NYSC Updates
  27. National Open University Graduation List
  28. 2018 Examination TimeTable Updates
  29. NOUN GPA Calculator
  30. Nouonline e-Exam Result Check + TMA Scores

History of the National Open University of Nigeria

The National Open University of Nigeria is a strong institution. One among Nigeria’s foremost – and solely fundamental of open and distance learning at university level. It was established on the 22 July 1983 as a springboard for open and distance learning in Nigeria. It absolutely was then suspended by the govt. On 25th of April, 1984.

However, its rejuvenation began on the 12th of April 2001 by the former President of Nigeria - Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo.

It’s additionally the country’s biggest tertiary establishment once we speak of student numbers. In 2011, NOUN was about 57,759 students.

The National Open University of Nigeria operates from its body Headquarters situated in Abuja. Nigeria, they have study centers everywhere in the country. See nearby study centers.

NOUN University Mission Statement

  • To give practical, cost-efficient, versatile learning that adds life-long price to quality education.
  • To be considered the foremost University providing extremely accessible and increased quality education anchored by social justice, equity and equality.
  • To extend the access of all Nigerians to formal and non-formal education in an exceedingly manner convenient to their circumstances.

Key Points

Gaining admission into the Noun school system is easy, transparent and based on merit. It doesn't require you the task of sitting for JAMB Examination exercise like other conventional universities in Nigeria.

Currently, they provide over fifty programs and 750 courses, ranging from certificate to diploma and degree level, and stays as a powerful commitment to international standard.

Why Go to the National Open University

  • Efficient Learning Platform
  • Affordable
  • Grants you the privilege to work & Learn

Hear what students are saying...

National Open University is the best. Admission is very easy. The first day I was at Noun that I went to make an inquiry on how to be a student, after some few minutes with the student counselor; I went to the bank to pay for the Noun form. When I came back to the study centre at the ICT all my details were filled and to my greatest surprise - I was offered an admission, after reading the letter I could not believe it, I had to ask a lady standing close to me to read the letter again for me and she also shows me hers. Studying at Noun is very Nice affordable and reliable. And today am a graduate of Noun. (Samerah Abdul - Data Management)

Truly, the way NOUN is progressing, very soon the CONVENTIONAL UNIVERSITIES in Nigeria will be relegated to the background. (Abdulmumini Kimo - Faculty of Law)

Who can apply for Admission into NOUN?

  • Interested candidates
  • Someone having a Complete 5 Credits in his/her SSCE. Not more than two sittings. 
  • Even if you're up to 40 years and above, COME!

National Open University School Fees For 2018

This the current National open university school fees for the 2018 academic sessions released by the school senate and the management board of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

The Noun school fees are scheduled into three columns:
  • Payment Fees - The Noun payment fees session tells the use of each fee paid by students.
  • Amount - The school fees amount describe the required fee amount to pay for a student, which makes every of Noun school fees payment transparent and easy to be understood by everyone.
  • Total Compulsory Fees - It sums the total amount of fee to be paid in full at first instance.

Points to Note About NOUN School Fees Payment

  • These new National open university school fees affect all newly admitted students, and also Noun returning students.
  • Students are advised to visit NOUN student portal and their study centers before making payment for any National open university school fees. and finally,
  • The fees schedule below is the current payable school fees, which starts from the 2018 academic session.

National Open University School Fees For Undergraduate

Undergraduate School Fees First Semester 2018

Payment Fees Description > Amount

Registration Fees - 6,000.00
Caution Deposit - 3,500.00
Orientation Fees - 1,500.00
Matriculation Fees - 1,500.00
I.D. Card - 500.00
Library Fees - 3,000.00
ICT Administrative Charges - 5.000.00
E-Facilitation - 4,000.00
Jamb Regularization - 6,000/00
Result/ Verification - 5,000.00
Total compulsory Fees - 36,000.00

NOUN School Fees For Undergraduate Second Semester 2018

(NOUN Returning Students)

Payment Fees Description > Amount

Registration Fees - 6,000.00
Caution Deposit
Orientation Fees
Matriculation Fees
I.D. Card
Library Fees - 3,000.00
ICT Administrative Charges - 5.000.00
E-Facilitation - 4,000.00
Jamb Regularization
Result/ Verification
Total compulsory Fees - 18,000.00

National Open University Postgraduate School Fees

First Semester Postgraduates School Fees

Payment Fees Description > Amount

Registration Fees - 6,000.00
Caution Deposit - 3,500.00
Orientation Fees - 1,500.00
Matriculation Fees - 1,500.00
I.D. Card - 500.00
Library Fees - 3,000.00
ICT Administrative Charges - 5.000.00
E-Facilitation - 4,000.00
Result/ Verification - 10,000.00
Total compulsory Fees - 35,000.00

National Open University of Nigeria Postgraduate School Fees - Second Semester 2018

Payment Fees Description > Amount

Registration Fees - 6,000.00
Caution Deposit
Orientation Fees
Matriculation Fees
I.D. Card
Library Fees - 3,000.00
ICT Administrative Charges - 5.000.00
E-Facilitation - 4,000.00
Result/ Verification
Total compulsory Fees - 18,000.00

National Open University Project Fees

  • Undergraduates Final Year Project Fee - N15,000.00
  • Post-Graduate Diploma -    N25,000.00
  • Masters  - N40,000.00

National Open University Exam Fees

  • Undergraduates Exam Registrations  - N1,000.00 per course
  • Postgraduates (PGD and Masters)  - N2,000.00 per course

NOUN Course Registration Fees

For Course Registration

Every one or Two unit course costs N2,000
Every Three unit course costs N2,500
When you approach your final year, Projects and IT (which are six units each) now cost N6,000 (it was initially N15,000)

For Exam Registration

Exam Registration for any course is N1000/course regardless of the units
You do not need to register IT/SIWES, Seminars or Projects for exams, and you only register them under course registration.

For Compulsory Fees

Compulsory fee for ANY returning semester is now N18,000 (unlike before when it was N23k and N13k)
Note this:

Most departments are required to register at least one Elective course per semester while some are required to register at least two elective courses per semester.

In addition to the core courses listed in the outline (but they might list up to 3 to 4 elective courses in some cases, and it is your choice to select whichever suits you or all of them if you wish). Sometimes, you might not get any electives in the outline for a particular semester, but whenever you have them, you must select at least one of them (meaning one or more).

What your total school fee for a particular semester entail?

Your total school fee is made up of the following:

Compulsory fee + Total Course Registration fees + Total Exam Fee

How To Pay NOUN School Fees

Here is the step by step procedures for the national open university school fees payment for all current students and second semester - Noun returning students.
  1. Visit the national open university official registration portal => Nouonline.net
  2. When the Noun website loads up, click on make payment on Remita Link.
  3. Within the Remita Portal, Enter the amount you want to pay for the provided box.
  4. Click on the generate Remita Payment Reference(RRR) button.
  5. Once done, you should proceed and write down the displayed Payment Reference Number (RRR)
  6. With the RRR number, proceed and visit any of the nearest commercial bank branches to make payment on the Remita Platform Using The Generated RRR noun number.
  7. When you have made a successful payment, It takes less than twenty minutes to reflect in the student’s e-Wallet.
P.S. You may want to use your internet Banking Applications with the generated RRR, and make payment. This will make things much easier for you.

Participating Banks To Pay NOUN School Fees

You can obtain NOUN Application Form from any of these noun participating banks;
  • Zenith Bank
  • EcoBank
  • Skye Bank Plc
  • First City Monument Bank
  • United Bank For Africa(UBA)
  • WEMA Bank Plc
  • IBTC

Note: The participating banks will provide for you: NOUN Fee Payment Teller with the NOUN Account Number written on it, so as to easy fee payment for students. 

List of Courses Offered in the National Open University of Nigeria


1 Cooperative Management
2 Entrepreneurship and Business Management
3 Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
4 Masters in Public Administration (MPA)


1 Hotel and Catering Management


1 Christian Theology
2 English Language
3 French and International Relations
4 Islamic Studies


1 Nursing Science
2 Public Health Science


1 Agricultural Science Education
2 Biology Education
3 Business Education
4 Chemistry Education
5 Computer Science Education
6 Early Childhood Education
7 English Education
8 French Education
9 Integrated Science
10 Mathematics Education
11 Physics Education
12 Primary Education


1 Law


1 Computer Science
2 Communication Technology
3 Environmental Science and Resources Management
4 Mathematics
5 Mathematics/Computer Science
6 Data Management


1 Criminology and Security Studies
2 Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
3 Tourism Studies

Review of National Open University of Nigeria TMA

Tutor Marked Assessment (TMAs) is a marking scheme for NOUN, and it contributes 30% of the student total mark. Point to Note, this same as Test in other learning institutions.

The Student is expected to answer or submit four (4) NOUN TMA. Then, her Best three solved TMAs will be selected and marked by 30%.

The Assignment is to be done at your pace and convince in as much as you don't exceed the giving time (deadline) for submission because it has a closing date.

Then, the final examination takes 70% score mark hence, making TMAs necessary if a student must come out with a more excellent result.

Then, How do i apply for admission? which you're asking already inside you.

Hear this, don't be in a hurry to exit the page because it has the complete guides to the National Open University Admission procedures.

How To Apply For Admission to National Open University of Nigeria

  1. Visit the Noun official website >> www.nouonline.net
  2. On the Noun site homepage, go to the Menu Bar, Click on Apply for Admission
  3. Select either Undergraduate Programme or Postgraduate Programme. Other programme is not available at the moment
  4. Goto “Choose Faculty” (note it can be found at the left-hand side of the screen)
  5. Select Faculty
  6. Select programme of study in form, click below to view admission criteria
  7. Fill displayed form
  8. Click “Apply” to proceed.
  9. Take note of the UNIQUE ID displayed
  10. Click 'Submit query' button
  11. Select Bank Branch as payment type. See Noun Participating Banks for Fees Payment
  12. Click “Pay
  13. Copy and take your RRR number to any bank branch for payment. Learn more about RRR Number

After Payment

  1. Perform step 1 to 3
  2. Goto “Continue After Payment
  3. Input Unique ID, RRR number and Programme
  4. Click “Proceed
  5. Fill Form.  Note: all fields marked with a red star are compulsory.

After Filling Form

  1. Click “Submit”
  2. Print Admission Letter
  3. Visit the nearest study centre for screening.
For more information, Visit Noun Forum for your queries and hookup with coursemates.

NOUN Student Portal Registration Procedure For 2018

1. Visit the noun official website: www.nouonline.net (formerly www.nouonline.com)

2. Click on the menu button

3. Click on "Register"

4. Fill the form with your details as required. (See illustrations )

5. Click on "Submit" at the bottom of the page

6. Check the bottom of the page after submission to see if the registration was successful.

7. If the registration is not successful, please visit the study centre for manual registration.

If registration is successful, then you can proceed to "Login" with your matric number and the username you earlier created during registration.

How To Make Payments into NOUN eWallet

1. Log in with your matric number and password

2. Click on the menu button (If you are accessing the NOU Site with a mobile phone)

3. Click on "Manage Wallet" and then click on "Load wallet".

4. Fill in the required information, and as a precaution, you might like to correct the phone number by adding the first zero at the beginning.

5. In the payment options tab, select "Bank Branch"

6. Click on "Pay" and the site will direct you to the Remita page where you will see your RRR payment code (they are numbers separated by hyphens (dashes)).

7. Copy the RRR code and proceed to pay at any commercial bank.

8. At the bank, fill your teller usually like any other teller; Noun Account number if available but not mandatory. The account name should be National Open University of Nigeria and Depositor's name should be your name (even though you are sending someone to make the payment on your behalf).

9. Collect the customer copy of the teller and also obtain the printout of the Remita Receipt.

N/B: Remember to write the RRR Code at the top of your teller (in any space you find at the top).

You are STRONGLY advised to keep all the tellers and receipts together in a safe place till you graduate as they may be required at one point or the other, and are usually needed at the point of graduation from the school where you may be needed to present _at least_ 3 of them...They often screen students with this requirement.

National Open University Registration of Courses & Examination

1. Visit www.nouonline.net

2. Log in with your matric number and password as required

3. Click on the Menu button and select "Registration" and then click on "Semester Registration" to register your semester.

4. Fill the form that appears.

5. Then Click on "Print" to print out the form (advisable) and click on "Submit" to submit your entry.

6. Now, Proceed to click on "Register Courses" and then "Register Exams" to fill the required information and complete your course and exam registrations respectively.


Tip 1: Under "Semester", select "1st Semester 2017" (meaning the first semester that you are experiencing in 2017... remember that the school has two semesters in a year).

Tip 2: Under "Semester Count," you are meant to fill in the total number of Active semesters that you have spent in NOUN to date.

Hence, if you are currently in the 2nd semester of 300 level, it means that your semester count is 6. The semester count is what determines the courses that will load into your portal after you complete this registration.

Tip 3: You will not be able to do any course registration until there is enough money in your e-wallet to cover such registrations. You will also not be able to do any exam registration for any course if such a course had not been previously registered under course registration.

How To Answer & Solve NOUN TMA Questions

1. Login to www.nouonline.net with your matric number and password.

2. Click on "Courses" and then click on "Tutor Marked Assignments"

3. Select the course to be treated, and you are ready to go.


(i) You will not find any courses here if you have not completed your course registration.

(ii) You will also be able to check your exam results later using this same "Courses" button.