NOUN Exam Slip Stamping Requirements 2018

These are requirements for exam slip stamping in preparation for the Noun Examination Excercise 2018 TAKE NOTE OF THESE REQUIREMENTS...

NOUN Clearance Form For The Collection of Academic Gowns and Certificate

This a noun clearance form template to give Noun graduands a clue of how the process for the collection of student academic gowns/ certificate works.

NOUN Clearance Form Checklist For The Collection of Academic Gowns and Certificate

Noun Student Final Clearance Form

1. Name of Student ====================
Matric. No.========================
Study Centre=========================

2. Library Clearance (Study Centre)
The above student is not in possession of any library materials therefore, he/she has been cleared/ not cleared.
Sign ================== Date ===================

3. Study Centre Clearance
I have seen this student he/she has been cleared/not cleared.
Sign =================  Date ==================

4. Bursary Clearance
Student Cleared/not cleared
Sign =============  Date =================

You are required to complete as appropriate and come along with this form for collection of academic gowns/certificate.

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