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NOUN iLearn Past Questions and Answers - PHY 191 GENERAL PHYSICS PRACTICAL

NOUN iLearn Past Questions and Answers
NOUN iLearn Past Questions and Answers - PHY 191 GENERAL PHYSICS PRACTICAL



Question 1
In an experiment to determine the value of g using simple pendulum, $T^2$ was plotted on the ordinate (vertical axis) and l on the abscissa (horizontal axis), where T and l are the period and length of the pendulum respectively. The value of g was determined to be $9.72ms^-2$.The value of the slope s to 2 decimal places was _________. Take $pi=22/7$
ANS: 4.06s^{2}m{-1}

Question 2
The equation $x=at^b$ is suggested for the variation of two quantities x and t where a and b are constants.
The corresponding equation of a straight line graph that may be plotted from experimental values of x and t is _____________.
ANS: logx=loga+blogt

Question 3
In an experiment to verify Boyle's law the P (pressure) was plotted against _________ of the volume V to obtain a linear graph that passes through the origin
ANS: Reciprocal

Question 4
The current I passing through a silicon diode is related to potential difference V across it by I=Ioexp(eV/2kT), where Io is a constant, e the electronic charge, k the Boltzmann's constant and T the absolute temperature.
lnI was experimentally plotted against V at a given value of T. The slope of the graph is __________.
ANS: e/2kt
Question 5
The maximum possible error in the measurement of length using the metre scale is __________.
ANS: 0.05
Question 6
A smaller measurement is more ____________ for the same accuracy
ANS: Precise
Question 7
__________________ is the more accurate between the measurements 40.0 cm and 8.0 cm of length
ANS: 40.0
Question 8
A number N is written as $N=Ax10^{p}$, where A is a number between 1 and 10 and p is an integer. In this form N is said to be expressed in ___________
ANS: Scientific notation
Question 9
In recording measured values, a digit is significant if and only if it affects the _____________ of the
ANS: Relative error
Question 10
The product of two measurements 1.23cm and 2.3cm should be rounded off as _______________.
ANS: 2.8cm
Question 11
The sum of the measurements 2.11m, 2.1546m and 2.125m may be rounded off as ______________
ANS: 6.39m
Question 12
Errors that might result in measured values which are consistently too high or too low are called __________ errors
ANS: Systematic
Question 13
The precision index for the set of data 3.69,3.67,3.68,3.69,3.68,3.69,3.66,3.67 is _________________ to 3 decimal places
ANS: 0.003
Question 14
The displacement s of a trolley as a function of time is given as $s+ds=0.63\pm0.02$ for $t+dt=1.71pm0.10$s.The error dv in the measurement of velocity v is ______ to 2 decimal places.
ANS: 0.02ms^{-1}
Question 15
The simple pendulum experiment is used to determine an inaccessible height H using the relation
$T=\pi\sqrt(\frac{(H-h)}{g}))$, where h is the height of the bob from the floor. The inaccessible height is obtainable from the _______ of the graph of $T^{2}$ plotted against h
ANS: Intercept on the h axis


Question 1
In an experiment, measurements of variables were repeated in order to minimize ____________
ANS: Random
Question 2
A mass of 150g when hung on a spiral spring stretches it 40cm. Assuming the spring is Hookean, the period of oscillation of the mass when slightly displaced and released is _____ to 2 decimal places
ANS: 1.27s
Question 3
A wooden block is at the verge of sliding freely down a wooden inclined plane when the inclination is 20degrees. The coefficient of limiting friction is _______ to 2 decimal places
ANS: 0.36
Question 4
The resulting temperature when 1kg of ice at 0 degrees Celsius is mixed with 9kg of water at 50
degrees Celsius is _________ to the nearest whole number. The specific capacity of water is 4200J/kg/K, the specific latent heat of fusion of ice is 330 000J/kg
ANS: 37 degrees Celsius
Question 5
When writing the results of an experimental observation in terms of significant digits, all non-zero
digits are ____________
ANS: Significant
Question 6
An experiment which gives a straight line graph with positive intercepts on both axes of the graph has a An experiment which gives a straight line graph with positive intercepts on both axes of the graph has a________ slope
ANS: Negative
Question 7
A quantity to be measured as __________ value is independent of the process of measurement
ANS: True
Question 8
The slope of a graph is obtained from a suitable ________ of slope drawn on the graph
ANS: Triangle
Question 9
The slope of the tangent to a curve which is parallel to the horizontal axis of the graph is ______________
ANS: Zero
Question 10
A straight line joining most of the plotted points with the rest of the plotted points on either sides of the line is called line of ___________
ANS: Best fit
Question 11
In a simple pendulum experiment, $T^{2} (s^{2})$ is plotted on the vertical axis while ____________ is plotted on the horizontal axis
ANS: l/cm
Question 12
To obtain a suitable spread of the plotted points on the graphed paper, a suitable ____________ must be chosen for each axis of the graph
ANS: Scale
Question 13
In simple harmonic motion, the restoring force F obeys _______________'s law for small displacements from equilibrium position
ANS: Hooke
Question 14
The motion of a simple harmonic oscillator is such that the acceleration is in _______________ direction to the displacement from equilibrium position
ANS: Opposite
Question 15
The equation of a simple harmonic oscillator takes the form $a ={-} \omega^{2}$x. The symbols have their usual. The equivalent of $\omega^{2}$ in the case of a simple pendulum is _______________________
ANS: g/l

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