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NOUN Exam Past Questions – CIT 344 Intro To Computer Design OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2013 EXAMINATION


14/16, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island

CIT 344 Introduction to Computer Design

Course Code: CIT 344 
Time: 3hrs
Course Title: Introduction to Computer Design
Course Credit Unit : 3
Instruction: Answer any five (5) questions.
1a. Name any four (4) forms of notations that can be used to capture the behaviour of finite-state
machines. (4 marks)
1b. Write short notes on the following:
i. Memory Read Operation (4 marks)
ii. Data Signals (3 marks)
iii. Read/Write Signals (3 marks) [Total =14 marks]
2a. If gbx contains 1000h and esi contains 5, specify the function of the following instruction:
mov al,8[gbx] [esi*5] (4 marks)
2b. Write the standard format for assembly language statements in a typical source file. (6 marks)
2c. Name each of the fields in the statement you have provided. (4 marks) [Total =14 marks]
3a. List and describe the three (3) main forms of flash memory operations. (12 marks)
3b. Write down the instruction required to move data from one segment of a register ‘ecx’ to another
‘edx’. (2 marks) [Total =14 marks
4a. Give a brief explanation of how sequential circuits are implemented, using a well-labelled
block diagram to illustrate this. (8 marks)
4b. Distinguish between the two (2) common types of sequential circuits. (6 marks) [Total =14 marks]
5a. Find the sum of two 2-digit BCD numbers, 32 and 45. Your result should be in BCD. (8 marks)
5b. Specify the procedure required to save a program that is already stored on memory in
Assembly Language (6 marks) [Total =14 marks]
6. Go through the table below and answer the questions that follow:
Input Output
S R Qt + 1
0 0 Invalid
0 1 1
1 0 0
1 1 Qt
6a. Specify what this table depicts. (4 marks)
6b. Write the full meaning of S-R in the context of NAND-based latches (4 marks)
6c. Give the value of the output Q, when S = 0 and R = 1 (6 marks) [Total =14 marks]
7. Microprocessors normally execute programs which include operating systems and user application List and describe the internal components of a typical microprocessor.
[Total =14 marks]

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