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NOUN e-Exam Timetable 2017 | National Open University of Nigeria exams Portal

The noun e - examination is scheduled to start on the 31 July 2017. All effort has been made to put together this noun exam time table, so as you can find exact examination date, location and time.

How To Get 2017 NOUN E - Exam Timetable

Click here to download the exam time table. It has the title "2017_1 E-Examination FINAL Timetable"

Points to Note about the Noun Exam Time Table

  1. The timetable is in Microsoft Excel file type. you can learn more about the excel file here.
  2. It only works on PC/ Computer that has the Excel Program installed or a Smartphone having a document Viewer Application. One good example is this one.

How To Easily Find Course Exam Date and Time

This step will help you to quickly locate your exam days and time because this e-exam timetable is a long bunch of text, rows and columns.

Now, to locate your e-exam date with time;
1. Open the exam timetable file in your computer 
2. Click on Edit > Find and Replace
Noun e-exam timetable 2017
3. Enter your course code and click Find
noun e exam time table search
That's how it works, very easier way to locate your noun e exam timetable date and time.

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