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Nouonline.net - National Open University Student Login Portal

www.nouonline.net (formerly, Nouonline.com) the official national open university website, In other words, it's called the Noun Student Portal Login Page because all of the information at the Nounsite - Nouonline.net is all for the Noun students and its aspirants.

The Nouonline.net replaced the Noun.edu.ng Student Portal whereas the Nou.edu.ng Student Login was superseded by the New Nouedu.net (I call it the knowledgebase of National Open University of Nigeria).

Nouonline.net, not www.nounonline.net can also be referred to as the Noun Studware Platform

About the NOUN Studware 

NOUN StudWare is a students' information system developed and supported by the Directorate of Management Information System of the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN.

Nouonline.net Portal Website Homepage Overview

This is the homepage of the Nouonline Portal website - Nouonline.net

And at a glance at the National open university website - Nouonline.net, you'll see the below options:
  • Check RRR
  • Student Login
  • Staff Login
  • 2017/1 semester
  • Apply for admission

How the Noun site Menus works

Check RRR is used to check Remita Payment status of your noun online fees payments. RRR stands for Remita Reference Retrieval Number.

How To Check Noun Remita Payment Status

2. Click on Check RRR
Noun remita reference Number check
3. Enter RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference Number) and Choose Payment Category
How to Generate Remita Number

4. Then click Check to get started to check the RRR Payment status.

Student Login

Student Login is the entry gateway to gain access to the Noun Student Portal Page dashboard which without this route you won't take activities at the Noun Edu Portal student information base.

Nouonline.net - National Open University of Nigeria Student Login Procedures

2. Click on Student Login 
noun student portal login
3. In the Noun Student Login Portal, enter your Nou student Matric Number, Noun Portal Login Password and Click Submit 

national open university of nigeria student portal
That's it - you are now at the noun studware student profile page > https://www.nouonline.net/student_profile.php

See HERE For a complete guide on how to Apply for Admission in the National open university and for a procedure to register as a returning student of Noun Nigeria 2017, Follow this instruction

NOUNPortal Guide

The Best spot to Learn everything about the Noun University, sharing all Latest & Updated NOUN Online Portal Tips and Tutorials to easy learning at the National Open University.

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