NOUN Graduation List 2017 - Faculty of Social & Management Science

Good news, the noun graduation list 2017 is here. It was released a couple of days ago at the National Open University of Nigeria Headquarte...

NOUN Edu Portal Guide To Retrieving Student Portal Login Password

Here at Nounonline Portal Edusite, We did it before by showing you How To Print NOUN Student I.d Card at the Nouonline.net school website. . . So, teaching you on How To Retrieve your NOUN Edu Portal Login Password will be a safe trip.

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It works like a magic - you can do it.

Instead of taking a big risk by allowing your NOUN Edu Portal to be tampered with, Learn this simple steps on Retrieving your NOUN Edu Portal Login Password; knowing how important and crucial this information are to us ( NOUN Students ).

Which without it; you can't login into the Noun Portal nor access your NOUN Student Portal Account.

Think of this, if someone should have access to your Portal - Register a Course that you never intended to take at this semester or to Submit an Empty TMA Question with no Solving;

Issues like these can be painful at times. And that's why you've to take this tutorial more seriously.
Now let's go into details on

How To Retrieve NOUN Edu Portal Login Password

1. Log-on to the National Open University of Nigeria ( NOUN ) School Website = http://www.nou.edu.ng

2. Upon visiting the homepage on NOUN School Website, Scroll down ( just after the sliding images showing Prof. Vincent A. Tenebe – The Vice Chancellor, National Open University of Nigeria )

Look thoroughly, you’ll see an option  labelled ” Change Password.”

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Change or Reset Login Password

Click on it,
3. After clicking on it; it’ll then take you to this page on where you'll be asked to choose from on which account you wish to do a password Change or recovery.

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Remember, You will need to login first to change your password or to make any further changes.

National Open University of Nigeria Portal Home Change or Reset Login Password 2

I will be accessing the account as a NOUN Student, so I'm using " Student" from the circled image

When you click on the Labelled Text titled " Student" - You'll be taking to the Next Page where you shall be asked to give your matric no. for password retrieval

Retrieve Password

4. Enter your Matric no or Registration number and Click Submit.

Retrieve Password 2

But Remember that your Newly Changed Password will be sent to your e-mail address provided at the time of your registration.

Here is a type of message that you'll get after clicking the submit button.

Retrieve Password 3

"a mail has been sent to your email address: Hello@nounreporters.com
If you have any difficulty opening your mailbox, visit the ICT Center or send an email to support@noun.edu.ng."


Log-on to your email address,

A similar message as this will be sent directly into your mailbox.
Dear Student,
We are pleased to inform you that your password is: igodie

To maintain your accessibility to this portal, you are adviced to keep you credentials as secret as posssible.
Please remember to direct personal questions to the Administartor.

Best Regards,
PortalProPlus Team
Please be advised not to reply to this mail.
National Open University of Nigeria....

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22 Replies so far - Join Conversation

  1. nou141855914 is my matric no sir, i couldn't log in my portal

  2. bello Ajayi lawalson,5 December 2016 at 09:35

    i could not log in to my portal nou163003092..

  3. Azeez Ayuba Olawale26 December 2016 at 06:42

    My portal doesn't upgraded, since December 2015, the exam reports which have been uploaded there, nothing has added. Whenever I try to check whether my project has been uploaded, this is response " network error, you can not access this now, try again later"

  4. Azeez Ayuba Olawale26 December 2016 at 06:56

    I couldn't log on to my portal nou110282912. This is response "this operation can not be completed,please try again later"

  5. i can not login to my portal pls help. nou153861393

  6. SOLIHU BALIKIS dUPE21 January 2017 at 12:04

    pls I can't login to my potal, pls what happen

  7. It could be that you're visiting the old site. http://noun.edu.ng still works i think ...

  8. I can't login to my portal. they keep saying invalid credential. pls help me out. nou163778218

  9. First, you need to SignUP at the New School website before you are granted the access to login to the Portal. And i hope that isn't this URL noun.edu.ng you're visiting; because it is incorrect but nouonline.com

    1. dear sir,

      my matric number is nou142390111. i tried logging in to the old portal but it redirected me register again on the new portal. i registered and logged in but all my previous data, result and courses has been wiped out. please help

      thank you

  10. Stephen Chikwueweniwe Nwamodoh3 February 2017 at 07:31

    Dear sir,

    I was one of the pioneer students of the National Open University of Nigeria. I was a Law student for a year in their office in Abuja, until financial commitments to my children's education forced me to stop my law studies. My daughter is now a law graduate from the University of Jos.

    Please, i wish to continue my studies of law with NOUN, but i cannot remember my NOUN Matriculation numbers. Kindly search your computers to avail me the matric. no. and link me up to the level i stopped, as contained in your record. I now live in Delta State, and hope to continue my studies here.

    Thank you very much.

  11. olufisayo Kolawole7 February 2017 at 02:30

    please what is the password retrieval method on the new portal as 'forgot password link is not provided.

  12. Retry again in a week time or better still, Visit the ICT Office in your Study Centre for password retrievals

  13. Oyama blessing obonga26 February 2017 at 02:32

    Since first week of February 2017, I gave a friend my matric no and password to help in registering my new portal ,and since than I can't log in to my portal .
    Pls ,sir/ma help me

  14. i cant log in to my portal, error message is "incorrect username and password", i have visited the ICT department, still no reset has been done. i placed the report since 19th of this month, and i have deadline to submit my project topic which is 28th of this month. my mat no is nou120424809

  15. ADVISE PLEASE!...How do i get certificate? I have finished PGD exams.

    Best Regards

  16. Pls how can I retrieve/reset my password, I can't login to portal. It's giving me invalid password or user Id. Kindly assist. Nou110114142. Thanks

  17. The website is looking bit flashy and it catches the visitors eyes. Design is pretty simple and a good user friendly interface. Assam Ration Card Details

  18. Pls what username will I use to login to noun ilearn


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