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NOUN Student Portal Registration Procedures for New & Returning Student 2017/2018

Issues about logging into the noun student portal page trends last three months, keeping both New and returning student of the national open university on-check.

It came up unexpectedly, Imagine shutting down the National University Student Portal for the first time; leaving TMAs to unsolve and a total Noun portal login page restrictions to all...

Well, I'm glad that we have come out of it.

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Since the migration of the NouEdu portal from portal.nou.edu.ng (old URL) to Nouonline.net (Noun New Portal website), Most Noun students got confused on how to login into their school portal area to continue with academic programmes; because the Noun new portal requires that you register Anew (even as a returning student) before you are granted the access to your Noun student portal .

Even as the registration procedures lasted for 5 minutes, Non-techies can still find it difficult to process. Since that's one of the reasons for writing this tutorial, you've nothing to worry anymore.

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NOUN Student Portal Registration Procedures for Returning Student 2017/2018

1. Visit National open university website => http://nouonline.net (formerly www.nouonline.com)

National Open university Student Portal Login Area

2. Click on Student Login to access noun student page

National Open university Student Portal Login Area

3. Since you are returning at noun student portal, Click on Register

Noun studware Login page for returning students

The Next Opened tab takes you to the noun portal registration page to regain access to your edu portal dashboard

Noun student Portal registration area
4. Follow the instructions Just as it is labelled,

For Programme: Click on the white area and choose your course of study. Example - BSc Computer Science

Enter Noun matric number:

Your surname:

Other names:

Enter Active Email address:

Your Mobile Number:

Create a New Password:

Retype the Password ( for verification):

Then Click " the Submit Button" to complete application registration.

The next pop-up will prompt you to choose "YES" from the option, in other to finish the whole re-registration procedures to Noun student portal

Now, You'll see a success message typed boldly ( SUCCESS!!!)  just below noun portal registration page. That's to confirm that your registration to the Noun student portal has been accepted.

In that, you can now login as a returning student on the Noun New Portal platform ...

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How To Re-Login Into NOUN Student Portal Website

1. Visit the NOUN Online Portal Websitehttp://www.nouonline.net

2. When arrived at the NOUNOnline Portal homepage, Click on the "Student Login" Link after the RRR Check.

National Open university Student Portal Login Area
Now that you are at the Student Login page,

3. Type in your Student Matric Number, Your Noun Portal Password (chose password at the time of Noun Online registration), and then Click the Submit button

National Open University Student Portal Login Page

That is it,

If you did everything right, you should be at the Noun student portal dashboard

N/B: You would observe that logging into your student portal hasn't been possible this morning. The portal says, Please renew your registration on the portal. This the reason...

The school had just included a field (state of origin) to the noun online registration page. With that they want all Noun students to renew their portal registration to add state of origin to their nouonline portal.
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19 Replies so far - Join Conversation


    Am a returning student during my registration my programme change from M.ed Educational Technology to M.Ed guidance and Counceling please what will I do? I have gone to my study center to report nothing is done about it please help me out

    1. Most Noun course codes and titles changed. It will be better that you register the new course instead.

  2. Pls how can register my corses?

  3. Please, I just got admission and trying to log-in to my portal, the information displayed that THE STUDENT HAVE NOT BEEN REGISTERED ON THE PORTAL. What do i DO?

  4. how can i register my courses

  5. Hello, please can i still register has a returning student

  6. Friday, 06 October 2017
    You have not done Semester Registration for the Second Semester 2017.
    Please do so as soon as possible!
    Incorrect Username or password2!
    Copyright © 2017 National Open University of Nigeria


    1. Here is an answers to your portal questions.

  7. Anonymous00:55


    I am a returning student though i suspended my study and i want to continue,please guide me on how to go about it and how to upgrade my portal.thank you

    1. Report it to the ICT Officer in your study centre.

  8. Anonymous00:12

    I made payment through remita and after checking it stated 'unique id not yet obtained for a new transaction' please what do I do?

  9. please am at a loss on how to view all the courses i have registered in my programme.

    The information will enable me register courses i have not attended.

  10. Anonymous22:08

    i have been unable to get to my TMA.i cannot find any link to it in my portal.

  11. Pls am in my 2nd semester and Jux realised registration has ended and I hav 3 more courses to register what do I do? As I intend paying for the cou and outstanding payment tomorrow

  12. mariam12:21

    PLEASE i have been unable to get my TMA done. what can i do

  13. Anonymous21:55

    Please my registered courses and exams are not showing on my Portal what do I do?


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