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2017 Admission List: How to Check NOUN List of Admitted Students

It is possible and so easy;  This tutorial on How to Check NOUN List of Admitted Students on Each Program Session won't be a mess to you ... Sure!

All the tutorials in here are all " a Straight to answers " problem-solving solutions to NOUN Students and its prospective students.

Probably, you've wished they could be a link or session (Just as other Nigerian universities has theirs ) where one can view NOUN list of admitted students on each semester which you may find a friend whom you know along the line.

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You need not to bother any longer because after you might've been done with this tutorial, Checking of NOUN Admitted students on each session won't be a problem to you - Again.

Below,  you'll be learning on

2017 Admission List: How to Check NOUN List of Admitted Students on Each Program Session from the National Open University of Nigeria School Portal

1. Log-on to the NOUN School Website = http://www.nou.edu.ng

Scroll down till you find this image below,
NOUN Nigeria

2. Click on the circled area " Admission List "  which has all NOUN Admitted students.
After clicking on it, A new page will appear which is almost like this one below.
View Noun Admission List

3. After filling in your Name ( or surname) in the provided space. Upon hitting the Search button, it will bring you to this last page as shown below

View Admission List of NOUN Nigeria

That's it,
So simple and easy, even you as a non-techie can now View the NOUN List of Admitted Students on each program session.

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  3. There's this guide written on our blog that shows you how to retrieve your lost Noun password in 2 easy steps. You may love checking-it-out through this link here.

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