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NOUN Registered Courses for Examination [Printing Techniques You CanUse Right Now]

Having done your course registration,

Joyfully registered your courses for examination,

Then - Printing noun registered courses should be the next in your mind; isn't it?


And you know what? To print noun courses from the edu portal is damn so easy for everyone; but if you find it a little bit hard to achieve - Here is a tutorial to guide you.

The Printed Exam Slip could be used for Gatepass during Examination exercise and also for document submission at the study centre

How To Print NOUN Registered Courses for Examination

Step 1: Log on to the National Open University of Nigeria Portalhttp://portal.nou.edu.ng/

Step 2: From the Student Control Center; Scroll down on your left-hand side to locate a labelled link " Print Current Registered Exam(s)"

How to Print Noun Registered Courses for Examination

The Next Page displays the Exam Registration Slip with the Lists of Courses Registered for Examination

Noun Lists of Courses Registered for Examination

Just at the right corner to Exam Registration summary ; There you'll see a little Green Image/ Icon - That's the Print button

Exam Registration summary with print options

Step 3: Click on it to print your noun registered courses for examination

Step 4: Besides, There's also an option to print all your registered exams

How To Print All NOUN Registered Exams

1. Log in to your Noun Portal, From the Student Control Center; Scroll down to your left-hand side to locate a labelled link " Print All Registered Exams."

How to Print all Noun registered Exams

2. It then opens a new page having all your registered noun courses for Examinations. Go through it or Print it out ( if you like )

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