NOUN Graduation List 2017 - Faculty of Social & Management Science

Good news, the noun graduation list 2017 is here. It was released a couple of days ago at the National Open University of Nigeria Headquarte...

NOUN Admission Process, Requirements and Procedures - 2017/2018

Noun Admission requirement with Sign-up complete procedures.

To be frank with you, this has been the best guide ever written for Noun Admission procedures; it comes in handy with Each Step explained with both text and images.

All for your good,

You see, Noun Admission processes are so fast with less stress when compared with other Nigerian universities. I remembered how smooth it was at about three years ago when i newly got admitted into the Noun school of Science & Technology... It didn't take me up to a week to get screened, Submitted my Files and its requirements for admission

Go back the following week to pick my Matriculation Number, then move further to make my payments and all that

If at all, Noun Admission Process changed - it won't still be much

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You might've Asked Questions like How to Get Admitted to the National open University of Nigeria - NOUN? Or What are the noun admission requirement?

And you got no perfect answer that meets your need...

But I tell you; All of such questions get solved all through this noun admission guide.

That's, You don't need to bother that friend of yours over Noun Admission requirements anymore; it's what you can do for yourself in a nutshell. And you could be my type of person that hardly asked questions in most cases, being afraid of asking a simple question to the wrong person and gets a wrong reply in returns or rejection for acting too fast before others

Let's get that aside because after this day to learn about the Admission process and requirements in gaining admission to the National Open University of Nigeria will no longer be an issue to you.

Terms To Completing 2017/2018 NOUN Application Form For New Students

Who is a Prospective Student?prospective student is someone (like you) who is considering attending a school. (Source )


For clarity, We have put together the 13 Steps for a Successful NOUN Admission procedures, study it, Apply it and share it.

How To Apply for Admission into National Open University of Nigeria

Steps to follow:

Step 1 - Visit the NOUN Admission Application Page site www.nouonline.com

Step 2 - On the noun official website, Go to the site menu options, Click on Apply for Admission

Step 3 - Select either Undergraduate Programme or Postgraduate Programme. Another programme is not available at the moment

Step 4 - Goto “Choose Faculty.”

Step 5 - Select Faculty

Step 6 - Select programme of study

Step 7 - Select “Level” (Note: Postgraduate level is preset.)

Step 8 - Select “View Subject Required” to view compulsory subjects required for admission.

Step 9 - Click “Apply” to proceed to the payment form.

Step 10 - Input details. (Note: Amount is fixed and non-refundable.)

Step 11 - Select Bank Branch as payment type

Step 12 - Click “Pay
Click on Pay with Remita on NOUN Admission Process
Click on Submit and Generate Remita Reference Number after Noun Fees Payment

Step 13 - Copy and take your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number to any bank branch for payment.

Write Down your Reference Number after Noun fees payment procedure

Pay (cash only) for NOUN Application Form in any branch of the Participating Banks nearest to your location.

List of NOUN Participating Banks To Make Payments

  • Zenith Bank

  • EcoBank

  • Skye Bank Plc

  • First City Monument Bank

  • United Bank For Africa(UBA)

  • WEMA Bank Plc

  • IBTC
Obtain a Teller specially designed for NOUN for the purpose of Admission.

Collect the APPLICATION PIN CODE equivalent to the amount paid for your form.

After payment

Step 14 - Perform step 1 to 3

Step 15 - Goto “Continue After Payment”

Step 16 - Input Applicant Name and RRR number

Step 17 - Click “Proceed”

Step 18 - Fill Form.  Note: all fields marked with the red star are compulsory.

After filling form,

Step 19 - Click “Submit”

Step 20 - Print Admission Letter

Step 21 - Visit the nearest study centre for screening

For the Noun New Student

Continuing with your acceptance of Provisional Admission requires you to have done the following:

  • Screened at the study centre

  • Obtain Clearance Code

  • Sign up on this portal with the clearance code to obtain Matriculation Number

  • Paid for NOUN registration fees at any participating bank and obtain a receipt containing your Registration Transaction ID

  • If you have carried out the above steps, kindly click here to continue.



Returning students should please register afresh on the portal and activate their wallets to enable them register for the Semester. Welcome to StudWare!

Registration Procedures for NOUN Returning student

Step 1 - Visit the Noun site www.nouonline.com

Step 2 - On the National open university portal, Go to the Menu Bar, Click  “Student Login

Step 3 -  Click “Register

Step 4 -  Input Details

Step 5 - Click “Submit

After  Submission

Step 6 - Goto “Login” on the Menu and click

Step 7 - Enter Noun Matric number and password to login

Step 8 - Goto “Manage Wallet

Step 9 - Click  “Load Wallet

Step 10 - Enter details and amount

Step 11 - Click “Pay”

Step 12 - Copy and take your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number to any bank branch for payment.

After Payment

Step 13 - Login

Step 14 - Goto  “Manage Wallet”

Step 15 - Click “Check Payment Status”

Step 16 - Enter Matric Number and RRR number

Step 17 - Click “Check Wallet Payment”


Step 18 - Click “Home”

Step 19 - Click “Registration”

Step 20 - Select Semester Registration

Step 21 - Enter Details. (Note: Semester Count; you're to specify the number of compulsory fee payment made so far including present semester.)

Step 22 - Click “Submit”

Step 23 - Proceed with course and exam registration

Instructions for Payment of NOUN School Fees

This the Procedure for Online Application for Admission into the National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN

Step 1 -  Log-In To The Noun Registration Portal

Step 2 -  Click on Make Payment On Remita Link

How do i Make Payment on Remita when applying for Noun Admission

Step 3 -  Enter The Amount You want To Pay In The Provided Input Box A Shown In The Diagram Below

How to Generate Remita Reference Number when making Noun School Fees Payment

Step 4 - Click On Generate Remita Payment Reference(RRR) Button

Step 5 -  Write Down The Displayed Payment Reference Number (RRR) 

Step 6 - Go To Any Commercial Bank Branch To Make Payment On The Remita Platform Using The Generated RRR.

Step 7 - After Making Payment, It will reflect In The Noun Student's e-Wallet Within 15mins.

Note: Payments can also be made from Internet Banking Applications using the generated RRR.

Where to Go From Here to finish-up the Noun Admission Process?

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27 Replies so far - Join Conversation

  1. hi thanks for this. please I went to zenith bank today to pay for registration form N5000 but they said I have to go to remita website first and generate a code and its with the code that I will now come to make payments. but from the steps outlined above, it seems that I have to purchase the form first before I can even have the access to generate any code? i'm confused please help me out. thank you

  2. Yeah; The form should be purchased first in other to obtain a Registration PIN

    Or maybe, you didn't tell them that you're a new student paying for an Application form and not school fees payment.

    But i suggest you check other participating bank nearest to your location; just to be sure of what they told you - if it's true or not

    And do let me know if there're any other issues that i can be of help to you

  3. thanks for the reply. I just found the "pay with remita" link on noun portal where I'm supposed to generate the remita retrieval reference number for bank payment. I've been trying to generate the number since yesterday evening but it keeps telling me that it could not generate the number at this time. I'm really frustrated. please what can I do? I've been trying to call their technical support number but no one is picking up and the other numbers on the site are all not available or switched off. help me please.....

  4. Give it a try ones more - it'll work

    it's usually caused by poor data connections, Reconnect and try again

  5. That is the new development, you have to generate remitta first for any payment, and write down the RRR(remitta) nunmber, present it to the cashier at any commercial bank for payment, thereafter you will be given a receipt, and you wait for your a code to be generated for your payment. The code given to you in bank will be used for your application.

  6. I bought form since 2014 unfortunately I could not make any payments but I have my matriculation number can I still use it or I should purchase another form

  7. pls whats wrong with TMA portal are we not to submit our tma

  8. I need NOUN admin officer number.

  9. I want to know what is wrong with the eduportal link. It's not directing me to another website that does'nt have anything to do with NOUN all together thereby making it impossible to generate Remita codes. Please how do i overcome this challenge.


  10. I ve being trying to get the remita code since last week, but they keep taking me to a site call IIS window which does not ve anything related to NOUN...I really don't know wat to do, I ve even gone to d school direct nd they advice I try again this week, I ve tried again this week over nd over again it just keep taking me to that same site. pls what shud I do???

  11. Please what is the correct website for open university, am finding it difficult to log in

  12. hello, i have been trying to generate a RRR code for payment. i went to one of the participating banks to make payment for my MSc programme but i was told to first generate a RRR code but i have being trying to do but to no avail.

  13. I already paid for the remita and finding it hard to register online

  14. What exactly is the problem? or you'd check out this Noun frequently asked question page (Click here to read). Its likely to have an answer to your query.

  15. Give it a try one more, and it could be a problem from the data/server connections.


  17. Hi Editor, you are doing a great job here. Keep it up!
    I've generated my RRR, I've gone to the bank to pay #5000 (Zenith Bank, precisely), but then I came back to the website to "continue after payment", but I kept getting this message "payment not yet effected".
    What's the problem? How can I solve this? Meanwhile, when I confirmed/check my payment status, remita showed" transaction successful "

  18. Please how long does one take to get the admission letter after filling the form?

  19. nice job editor. I made payment last week Friday and everything went on smoothly. The problem is that i keep getting "payment not yet effected" reply when i try to proceed. Remita has shown me that the payment was successful, so please, what is the problem?

  20. Nice job editor. please, why do i keep getting the "payment not yet effected" reply each time i try to proceed after filling my unique id and rrr?

    1. I would suggest that you implement these step 3 & 4 of the process to reflecting Noun fee payments Here

  21. Please can someone put me through on the steps to take if I want to generate Remita Reference code in order to purchase Noun form. Thanks

  22. please i have made a payment of 5000 through remita but i dont know where to find the continue after payment.please someone should help me. because have check the rrr confirmation and it says successful.

  23. have with my master card for the application form and they have confirm the payment pls i dont know where to get after the payment please help


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